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RESCUE OF MURDERED YOUNG GIRL – 1990   By SpiritualDictionary.com Verna – There is water by this wood, like a lake and forest trees this side of it and the lake is the other side, and there is somebody in trouble there, they seem to be lying half in the water. Geoff – I think it is a girl who has been murdered. Verna – Her head is bleeding, there is blood down her legs. She is all cut and grazed. Geoff – Because of the way that she died, she has completely enveloped herself in a state where she will not look at anyone surrounding her, or listen or react to spirit, her vibrations are so low that spirit cannot get through, and her astral body has curled itself up into a ball and she is totally ignoring all attempts to contact her. Verna– Spirit has put a big orange bubble around her to stop any low spirits contacting her I think. Geoff – Yes. Verna – So there is this big orange bubble around her and they want us to go inside the bubble. Geoff – But in this case you must enter as we give you the power and I link hands with you, as you enter and put your arms around this girl, this is the only way that we can communicate, the three of us will give you the energy to do what is necessary. It is totally safe, as you said there are lower entities, but spirit would like you to get through to this girl, we have above us and her, many, many spirit who have come to give their power. Go into the bubble and put your arms around this girl and the love that is emitted from you will contact her directly, and she will look up into your face and your mind, and she will open up and listen – it is like a chink in the armour they say. You have a chance to get through to her and she will listen. Now I must be quiet as you get through to her and you continue when ready. Verna – I need your help to make her rise, she has stopped fighting me and now I am just hugging her and rocking her, and she is half in me and half out. Geoff – Yes, she wants that security, but to make her release you must tell her to look at her physical body, which is damaged and mutilated, and she does not want it, she wants to reject it. She must now look at her own body and realize that she now has the opportunity to progress and to move across to the other side where she…. Verna – Just give the energy because she needs quiet, shhhhh, she is closing her ears against your talking and also against spirit talking, she is blocking herself from people, you mustn’t block yourself from people, see how much we love you, can’t you feel it? From all of us. I need lots of energy – she is so low. Geoff – There is all the love you need, and all the energy is here, just waiting. Verna – I have moved her from her body, now she needs to walk with me, up Verna (Channelling) – I can’t leave the bubble. Geoff – No, you must take the bubble with you, just the two of you, it is security and love in there, and you will find yourself rising upwards to where you can feel warmth, and love and friendship, you can see the light which is white, a beautiful white light, the feeling that you are being given by spirit and those around you is one of pure love, of divine love, and as you rise you will feel that this bubble will start to fall away, this young lady accepts love that she has been given, and she must look upwards, we are all with her, we are holding her, but if she looks upwards she will see member of her family, who have come to help her, she will feel the love that comes from them and all that surrounds them. And you rise higher and higher, and as you rise the feeling becomes lighter and happier, the blackness has fallen away, the bubble is falling away and you are facing pure love, which is all being given to you, pure love form those above you and your friends, you can see them now, and your family you can see them too, and from all those surrounding you. And your fear is falling away as you realize that those waiting for you are those that you know. Now as they reach out their hands, you must take this step, because we can rise no higher, but you can, step across and take their hands, step across, you can feel the love that they have for you, and that you have for them. Go in peace my friend, go in peace. Verna (Channelling) – I am stepping, they are bringing me……. Geoff – The world that you have left is far, far behind, but we must leave you for we have other work to do, but you are in safe hands. And one day you might come back and visit us, we leave you now knowing that you are safe and you are surrounded by true friends, is this not so? Verna (Channelling) – Yes. Verna – She has gone. Geoff – Take your time. Verna – It is so high….. Geoff – It’s just that your vibrations have to be raised so much higher than normal to hand over, that is why the three of us have to provide you with the energy to send you up there. Now you find coming back down, back down in the circle where you will retain so much of those higher vibrations. Verna – I don’t feel like I have my body… Geoff – You can see yourself where? In the circle? Verna – Not sure…..two are taking me back Geoff – You must ask them to make your mind clear, so that you can see exactly where you are so that you can enjoy the experience even more. As you come back down you will find that your mind is clear and you will see more. Verna – I am by the lake, I am about ten feet in the air, my body, I can see. Geoff – You are above the silver lake? Verna – No. Geoff – The lake where she was Verna – I am high….. Geoff – Do you think there is something else that we must do there? Verna – No, just need time, I am coming back, be quiet, patient, they are helping me back to my body, on the ground. They tell me I must keep my eyes open for a while, and my feet flat, mustn’t close my eyes for a while. Geoff – Great experience, you just relax, and keep your eyes open.    

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