Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



For a long time there were those who thought that people ‘Doing God’s work’ should do it for free. Not a good idea, as they would soon go out of business. It would be great to do it for free, but as we live in a materialistic world we have to pay the rent, the same as anyone else. Also there must be an ‘Exchange of Energy’. Something for nothing does not have any value. Years ago I used to run development courses for a donation. The donations were few and far between…. that did not bother me, but as it was something for nothing many people booked their seats and then did not bother to turn up…or even worse, did not bother to cancel either. So many people lost out because we were fully booked yet we had many vacant seats on the day. But, let them pay a fee and then they will turn up to get their ‘value for money’. This sounds a bit harsh, it is not meant to be, but it is a reality of how we react in a materialistic world. Our benefit from this arrangement is that we can now plan in advance because we know we can afford to, and we can teach more people. It just makes sense. In Mozambique today there are people ‘Selling’ clothes that were donated after the severe floods they had recently. The bales of donated clothing are held in a warehouse. Each day several wholesalers appear, split a bale between them and sell each item in their respective shops for $1 each (Regardless of the article) The warehouse owner makes a good profit, and so do the shopkeepers. When I questioned the owner about the morals of doing this he said it was a good arrangement for all. Everyone made a profit, the clothing was distributed throughout the area via the shops, and the person who wanted that ‘Overcoat’ for just one dollar had to do something, however small, to earn that dollar. That is a good example of an exchange of energy.

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