Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


SOUL MATES   By Verna Hindmarch 

Everyone has a soul mate, and most have more than one. Normally only one appears in each lifetime. You could for instance have a soul mate from a past life as your child, or close friend in this life. A soul mate could also be one of your guides in this life… During the many times that you re-incarnate you establish more than one. You probably also have a soul mate\s on the other side. The ideal would be to meet your soul mate and live happily ever after, but it depends on the lessons you chose to learn in this lifetime…You may have chosen lessons with or without your soul mate, or that you will meet him\her at a later stage in your life AFTER you have completed your chosen lessons. One thing is for sure…When you meet your Soul mate you will know it. The reason you have soul mates is to experience things together…I have had many lives with my soul mate (My wife Verna.) We have been in many lives together, as Man, Woman, Lover, Son, Daughter and Father. I have experienced losing her several times and Vice-Versa. There is an extremely strong bond between us that we both recognise. We are the best of friends too. It does not mean to say that Soul mates live happily ever after…You have total free will on Earth, and you can make mistakes, and sometimes choose to. How better to experience say the loss of a partner than with a Soul mate…the experience is far greater than losing someone you are not ‘in love’ with. There is no need to look for your soul mate…If you chose it, then it will happen.

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