Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation, Gladys channels through Miriam and speaks to Luke. Miriam – Greetings my friend, this is Gladys. Luke – Welcome Gladys. Miriam (Gladys) – I see this lady is longing to get into the garden, and you, I think, but to get in and tidy up as a lot of people are, but it is so wet and will be continuing to be so wet sometime during the next few weeks of this year, before you have any decent weather. But you are fortunate that you are not having the floods that are occurring in other parts of the world, not so difficult just where you are. It has all been forecast before, of course the dates were not quite right but never the less the floods were forecast, as was the fighting, and unfortunately the fighting in the middle East will continue and continue. No side is willing to give in and these people who are lost have chosen that life for one reason or another but never the less it is sad to see it happening. But you may think that your planet is the only one to be suffering in the war the fighting and the earth fevers but that is not so. There are one or two planets that are not too far away from you and I will not name them, but they too are having difficulties. And a lot of it is post vibration from your planet that has caused a difference in the atmosphere, but it is not a recent pollution it is something has been going on for many, many years. It has happened before and I expect it will happen again. The difference between your planet and these other two, are the difference in their environment, they do not have the lush fields that you have to be swamped, but they do have the valleys and down in the valleys and in the bowels of their terrain are people living and these floods are causing quite a bigger evil. So far there has not been a great deal of life lost but it has meant that they have had to move to a different district and in their situation it is not like yours where you could perhaps have something mobile to erect in which to live, these people must be within the bowels of their terrain, they must be way underground, they cannot live on the surface. They do come to the surface but not for very long periods so you see my friends those of you who think that you have had hard times, then spare a thought for these people who must literally dig themselves another home. Over the centuries as this has happened homes have been dug, it is like a giant honeycomb, but they have not always been used. And gradually through landslides and different activities of the underground the have been filled to a certain extent, but they still have to be excavated they have to be opened up again to provide new homes. Now the tools that they use are nothing like you use, they are very fortunate that they can use vibrations, I think you know the story of the trumpet blowing to bring down the walls of Jerusalem. Well it that sort of effect, not the type of noise that you would be able to clarify easily, it is very, very high pitched but very powerful, and this is why when your son asked if his doctor friend could heal with sound, we told him not at the moment because the sound that helps in various ways, has to be very carefully cultivated, but that is another story. The sound is produced not by people themselves, they have certain instruments that they use, and I cannot tell you how they are harnessed for you would not understand. But when I say it is not used by themselves, I meant they do not blow into anything to make the sounds. But of course they do have to control the instruments, it is a very delicate operation and only those who are skilled in this work can produce the right sound to enable this power to be used to open up vast areas of masonry, fallen stone or whatever it is. They have to be able to judge when to stop in order that they will not cause a bigger fall then they wanted. I am sure you scientists will be very interested to know what can be done but on the other hand they probably do know what sound can do, but they do not know that it is used on some planets where people are living. At least I don’t think they do, but then I don’t know everything. I only know what happens on anything that involves myself and my band of helpers, and as I have been to some of these planets and particularly to these two, then I do know what happens for I have seen how they work. They do not have the earthquakes that you have, but they do have what I can describe as an electrical, it sometimes happens as if something had been given an electric shock through the ground but causes catastrophes. Whereas your volcanoes are done by heat from underground, this is done from the atmosphere around the planet. And at certain times depending on the condition then it causes this “bolt of electricity” to travel into the planet and through the terra firma it causes damage by splitting rocks and indeed causes quite a lot of damage at times by splitting the land open. However the people who live here always have a warning of when this is going to happen so they are able to make arrangements and see that nothing of any importance is on the line and they know that this bolt of electricity or vibration will take place. In fact for some people it is regarded as something that they wish to watch and as you would watch the eclipse of the sun then they would be in a safe position to watch how this very severe vibration takes place and what happens, just as perhaps some would watch a volcano at a safe distance. Both of these planets suffer very similar catastrophes for they are both very similar, now I say that they have no soil but this is not quite true but they do not have as you have sufficient to planet vegetation, they do have A type of growth which you could say about the size of a small shrub, similar perhaps to what you would see growing in stone walls. They feed on the minerals that come from the stone and the granite in fact the stones are nothing like the stones that you have on earth. They are quite different therefore the texture the makeup of them is something different altogether. It would be no good me describing them to you for I do not have so much knowledge about them but I could say that they are something like your semi-precious stones. This shrub-like growth yields a fruit of a kind nothing like you have and also something very similar to your nuts but again completely different And this is used for food with what they grow within their large cave-like structures, but when I say and you instantly think of your caves then the word cave is wrong because it is more like underground homes, some very large, palace like. Very well lit with something that you would not understand but just as your underground drain service is, then so are these homes. All different sizes but very, very habitable. Now what are the people like? Well because they do not get the sunshine that you do they are very, very pale. Their skin or rather, yes, their skin is very, very fine, very thin indeed and in places it is almost transparent. When they do go outside to collect or harvest or for various other reasons, then the time that they stay out is limited to the time of year because of the atmosphere they could not stand anything very cold. They have no need for thick clothing for they have means of heating and lighting which is something quite different to anything that you have. Their lives are very similar to what you would do in one sense but they eat and clean and cook but of course their ways are completely different because they have power and vibrations they can use this in cooking and cleaning. Because of the way they live, they are very, very telepathic. Their telepathy extends to a great distance and is able to be contacted through their great thicknesses. They do speak but of course it is quite different to what you do and speaking is mainly done at leisure periods. It is also used when a child is first being taught, for although a child is telepathic to begin with it is of course not fully developed and speech is used, then that is used in the beginning. I think I will leave the rest of the telling of their lives for another time for there is so much to say, how different they live, how they are taught, what their leisure is and what other foods they have, but I will leave that for another time. Luke – Thank You. Miriam (Gladys) – But I am sure you will be interested in this talk and in the next one. Luke – Thank you, bless you. Miriam (Gladys) – Good night and bless you my children Luke – Goodnight. Miriam (Channeling) – Greetings my brother. This is my first time with you. Luke – You are welcome. Miriam (Channeling) – Thank you for that, we all know how welcome we are to come. Now you have had one stranger talking to you about the difficulties that are in other planets particularly two that we have spoken about. Luke – Yes Miriam (Channeling) – I shall tell you about the second planet and then you can as I have been told, you are putting them together on separate tapes. You can put this with the other one. Where I come from, is entirely different to your earth, it is even entirely different from the last stranger’s planet, but we are also experiencing difficulties due to the pollution of the atmosphere. We are all at various stages of discussion to try and see how best we can rehabilitate the people of my planet. It is not known to any of your scientists or astrologists, it is not a very old planet as your goes. It is one that was created some time ago to enable people to adjust as their particular planet had disintegrated as they do at various times. But now it is a question of finding where these people can go, now I have said that it is completely different from your world and the other planet, so let me tell you a little about it. First of all we do not live underground but we do not have the growth that you have, we do not have the ground fertilized because it has not been long enough to create sufficient to feed many people therefore we had to build a different type of dwelling. And you could say that it is rather like your conservatories, where each person or each family is living in a unit that is controlled because of the cold temperature outside. They are a bit like your conservatories in that we have a lot of vegetation growing there but this is not for pleasure only it is to feed us. So we have to have a certain temperature that stays at that temperature. We are adapted also to live in the same heat, just as those who live in your tropical countries live with their vegetation. But what we grow is something quite out of your world, nothing at all like anything that you have seen. We do not even have similar type of meals to you for most of our food is eaten in the raw state. So let us just say it is vegetables and fruit and nuts, but something different to what you have, but sufficient to give you an idea of what we eat. Because of the heat we need very little in the way of clothing. Now we do have meat of a kind. For apart from the dwelling of the people, we also have dwellings for animals. They are a bit like your lama, but of course not quite the same. But they come from the same group soul as that species so we can use the wool for the clothing that we need, and we can use the flesh to eat to supplement the food that we grow within our own area. There are quite a lot of these animals and they are not all the same kind but very similar species, but like your dogs, cats they vary in size and the different type of hair or fur that is covering it. Now to go outside this atmosphere is very, very cold indeed. So we need clothing to be able to go out but this is something that we know about and can make not anything that you have at the moment but very similar to what your space travelers have. And we can make that it is light and durable and it is very insulated. Now why should we go out when we have everything we need inside? Well the power that we have for heating comes from a separate unit altogether and this unit has to be reached by coming outside, it is not electricity as you know it, it is not even any vibrations that you know, but it is power never the less but those who are very advanced were able to place here when first this planet was created. It had to be something that would not fail in any way and it is useless me trying to tell you what it is because you would not understand, maybe at some future date when you are talking to others then the question may be asked and I will do my best, or someone will to see if they can understand how we have this power. It is power for light as well as heat, but we must keep it well away from all living quarters. I think because it would eventually affect the structure of the building if it was kept too near. Maybe it is going through your mind that it is something of a nuclear base, but that I am not prepared to say as yet. Now do we have anything outside, well we do, we have recreation and of course recreation is something that we all need so it is an area, or rather areas because this planet is quite large. Areas such as you have for your winter sports but there again it is not only in the open it is covered but not with the same material that we have to cover our living quarters. There is a certain amount of the atmosphere that can penetrate, but only a very little. If it were not then when all the activities and sport were done the air would be too polluted for us to continue very long. Therefore we must have this air coming in but come the nighttime, for we do have nights as you, although our moon is quite different. But come the nighttime then we do not linger because it becomes very, very cold indeed. We do not have to return to our places, our living quarters, but there again we can congregate in vast halls, where you can meet and talk and leisure pursuits of a more gentle nature. We are not like those from the other planet that you were told about they use a lot of telepathy, we speak, but it is in a different type of language to yours. Because of the way we live our voice box is completely different, now let me describe what we look like. We are very similar to you in that we have a head, arms, legs, but we also have different type of feet, different type of hands. We have what you would call a thumb and one finger, but it is large. I think that that is maybe because over the years we have developed this to us as a utensil, with our plants that we grow the skin or the covering is very hard and shiny. We are very, very thin but not very tall. Most of our outer covering is different to yours, it is not so porous but only in certain areas. The hands and the feet which are very similar to the hands are quite hard and shiny. We have no hair for where we came from so many, many years ago we had never had hair then. Our face is not quite so hard. Our features are much flatter than yours, I think a bit like some of your eastern people where the nostril does not protrude so much as yours. The rest of our body is porous to a degree but nothing like as soft and porous as yours. Our clothing is more of your Arab countries, long and loose.  

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