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And now I think Geoff has someone standing there beside him. Verna – He has been standing there for a long time. Miriam (John) – Can you make out who it is? Geoff – No, the only one I can think of is my friend in a space suit? Verna – Yes it is him, he has been standing here since the little girl came with the arm. But he is not wearing his space suit, he is actually got the head part underneath his arm, like somebody carries their helmet when they get off a motorbike, he is standing like that, very proud to show you. Miriam (John) – Like an astronaut, he is so proud and so pleased with what you did, he still has to have medication, but he is able to go outside in the fresh air for quite a good length of time. Geoff – He has blue eyes. Miriam (John) – You certainly made a conquest there with that young man. Verna – Yes he thinks you are like a God to him. Miriam (John) – He is a very lucky man, for if you had not done what you did for those two visits, he would not have been helped sufficiently, he would not have died but he would have been in his space suit for a long time, I am calling it his spacesuit for want of a better description. Verna – He is just standing there, there is a little girl who has just put a kitten on Luke’s lap. Miriam (John) – Do you think there is something wrong with it? Verna – Absolutely nothing wrong with this cat. Miriam (John) – She is saying to me that she is sorry your cat has not come home yet, but he will. Verna – She loves cats. Miriam (John) – You cannot see anyone else can you? And now I would like you to send your thoughts to Sharon, and give her the encouragement that she needs for her exams. Now these rays that you are sending out are going to be mixed with the rays of other helpers who come so that it is a different force to the power that you normally send out. Mostly you give her tranquillity, and the thoughts that it matters not how she does in her exam as long as she is doing her best. And at the other side there are her companions in spirit who will take these rays and wrap them around her. There are so many different rays in the world, you will really be surprised once you find out, so many different colours. Now they have brought someone else for Geoff and this will be the last one this evening, I want to see if he can see.

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