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Geoff – I am in a room, it’s a party, they are showing me that it is a party with a lot of children around, and it seems to be in Barry’s mother’s house in Newcastle. I am getting Eileen, but that wasn’t Barry’s mothers name was it? Miriam – No. Geoff – Barry’s mother who died of cancer, what was her name again? Luke – Lillian. Geoff – Lillian, that’s right. I can see her there in a blue dress with white polka dots and looking a bit drawn, so I presume this was before her death. Miriam (Channeling) – You are quite right about the dress, and who do you think this is tonight? Geoff – Dr Chang. Miriam (Dr Chang) – That is right. It is good to have you back again. Geoff – Thank you, it is good to be back. Now I am sitting in a corner of the room, looking at this party, and I am sitting with a person who is very tall and thin, a man I presume is Uncle Bob. Miriam (Dr Chang) – No, not Uncle Bob. Geoff – No? Miriam (Dr Chang) – You will get it. Geoff – Alf. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Yes. Not too tall, a bit thinner than Bob. Geoff – There are many others there, in the kitchen on the left, now let me describe the room, I am in the corner, going down my left and the right hand side is a wall, from the right the next wall goes across, so diagonally opposite me is the other corner, on the right hand side is a door going into another room, and on the left hand side is a door into the kitchen. And there are several people in the kitchen, the room that I am in like the   lounge, there are mainly children in this room and the room on the right, there are mainly adults. Alf is looking at this scene and feeling very detached from it, his experiences during the war made him see a different side of life to what he was used to, and when he came back into this same environment, he found it difficult in a way to handle and became slightly withdrawn and quiet. Miriam (Dr Chang) – You are quite right with that. Geoff – He then moved away, and spent the rest of his life in a form of solitude, he would converse with other people, and act normal, a bit more quiet than usual, but inside him there was a great turmoil, he could not find peace. He could not understand life and what made up life’s forces, he did not know which was the right religion or way of life or what direction he should be going in. No one taught him and he spent the rest of his life in this turmoil, when he passed over he then understood that his time on earth was a lesson which he had chosen. Alf is now a teacher, he had to experience that life to understand how people who are looking need so much help on earth and not from spirit. There were spirit around willing to teach, but as his mind had not been open to this he shut himself off from anything spiritual and life after death and so on, and looked towards development on the earth plane from earth people, and it was not forthcoming. He saw many religions and spoke to many people, and there was nothing which could convince him of the right way to go, and when he died he felt very disappointed and sad that his life ended that way and that he did not believe in life after death. Although he had a suspicion but while on earth would not explore this, on passing over he spent a lot more time in solitude, he was then disappointed that he had such an opportunity on earth but did not do anything with it. Miriam (Dr Chang) – And how often that is said, but you have picked that up very well indeed. He did keep everything from the family and friends. Geoff – But he has now learnt, and continues to learn day after day, he spends all his time learning and he loves it, he revels in it and is so happy. He gives us this message because he wants us to understand that there are many people here who given a slight push would develop and blossom, and it only takes a little push for it to happen. Now there is karma where there are people who experience a life on earth without any spiritual development on the earth plane. But there are also people who are on the borderline, who are waiting to learn but it takes, before spirit can get involved, it takes a little push from someone on the earth plane to explain that they must open their minds just a little, and then they can develop. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Excellent. Geoff – Thank you. Miriam (Dr Chang) – I am glad he is enjoying the teaching. Geoff – Yes he is indeed. He is very proud of my parents for their development, and he has only recently, very recently, looked down upon this family to see the state that we have progressed to. And in the future he will communicate with the two of you on a regular basis and I can see between the three of you the tremendous togetherness, love, bonding, closeness, which has been missing since the three of you were in your youth. And he looks forward to communication with you and this reconnection of this love that you have for each other. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Yes, that will be good. Geoff – And now he will go, and besides learning himself, he also teaches others over there. He works a lot with children and he does as much as he can to teach others as well as learning himself. Miriam (Dr Chang) – He would have loved many children. Geoff – Yes. And Lillian would also like to say that she is very happy and when you knew her, she was always quiet and shy, you knew her very closely and you could see her for what she was, but she was timid, is the word she uses, and now she is not so timid, she has so much inside her to give and she does this all the time, and she is so happy that she is now joining up with Alf and the two of you, for more communication in the future and also Eileen will join in. And she is saying Eileen needs working on but we will work on her no problem. Miriam (Dr Chang) – That is very good, excellent. Geoff – And now they will go and leave us to our work, very happy, and off they go.

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