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SUPPRESSED ENERGY IN COMMUNIST COUNTRY. In this evenings meditation we are looking at various forms of group energy. A guide called White feather is channeling through Miriam. Geoff –   Okay, now I’m above a city.  It’s got a bridge and a river and it’s in the North of Europe.  It looks something like Petersburg, a Russian city, somewhere up there.  The area is very cold and I can see all the people inside all the houses.  And there is no group mind there.  They are all individual, each one is sort of isolated.  When I was looking at Dublin or Ireland, just now, I could see this group negativity above it, but there’s nothing above this city! It’s very empty.  I think the people here have just said “well, this is our fate, this is how life is going to be” and they just accepted it and they have no drive or ambition.  They just continue day by day.  I think this is like an aftermath of a communist country. White feather (Miriam): It is, you are quite right.  They have been pushed down so far that they have no fight left in them at the moment. Geoff – Yes, Of course being a communist state they had everything set out for them, what they had to do, they were controlled, if you like and they’ve forgotten how to be individuals but as time goes on that again will start to change and these individuals will start to emerge and they will become the leaders and it will carry on from there. White feather (Miriam): Not before that country is devastated in one particular area will they come to their senses. Geoff – Right now when you said ‘devastation’, I saw devastation but I didn’t see any particular thing.  What I saw was like I’m looking at the whole of Europe and the Russian states, up that way, and in one corner there’s a big black patch – now that black patch is the same as I saw in Ireland.  What it means is, if there is some devastation in a particular city, all the people around that city give off this same thought form, whatever it might be and all those thought forms and all the cities surrounding it, they all link up and that has a tremendous influence on the rest of the people because when somebody’s mind comes into contact with that huge 50 000 or 100 000 or whatever, group minds – all the same thought, they feel the impact and it makes them react or respond to it. White feather (Miriam): They make things happen. Geoff – Yeah. White feather (Miriam): Very clever of you to see that. Geoff – It’s a very clever idea.  So that influences the people.  Very much so. White feather (Miriam): They have to learn to exploit and use what they have instead of reaching out for what other people have which is not really suitable for their environment and their lack of funds.  They have such a lot that they can offer the other countries. Geoff – I’m still looking at Russia at the moment.  In Russia there are so many individual countries completely isolated from one another and they are all thinking different ways with different religions and ideas but they are all very low and depressed.  Around Moscow, I can see orange lights in different places and that represents individuals starting to think and create and do.   And it’s only really in the Moscow area, the rest of Russia is next to nothing.  Now I know they’re only showing me the comparison, but that’s how it is. White feather (Miriam): But that is good, what you have seen. Geoff – Mmm.  It’s like seeing it from a Spiritual gardener’s (Spirits who “manage” the earth) point of view.

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