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The abduction of Maddy

The abduction of Maddy   – Just a reminder

It is 14 days since Maddy’s abduction, and her face is printed on the minds of millions of people around the world. The question is why has Maddy had such an impact on everyone?

Unfortunately children are abducted and go missing every day around the world, and normally the shocking and horrific emotions are only felt and shared by the immediate family. What has made everyone feel so much for Maddy?

We have discussed before the new “Group emotions” that are being created ready for the change of the Earth in a few years – 9\11 created many of Togetherness, Strength, Support, Understanding and Compassion. The Asian Tsunami added Indecision, Children, Animals and many, many more……… Each group energy gains experience and is controlled by the more advanced spirits and guides, and each becomes a tool for the future changes to come. These group energies used together can blanket an area and help substantially when a new disaster occurs.

Maddy has now added her energy to this, and that energy is group love………………I found this hard to believe at first, but as I meditated more I got a firm understanding of how this form of energy was being generated and how it will be used in the future.

Maddy has the most beautiful soul, and chose this lesson to teach so many people, and as we know everything is lessons within lessons. What do you feel when you see a picture of Maddy? You want her to be found and you want to make her safe – your heart goes out to her. That feeling in your solar plexus\heart centre creates the energy of love….you are “giving” love….creating it. And as you know it will be collected and used when needed. The other energy you are creating is Togetherness – everyone understands how many people are watching this trauma unfold.

So much of this energy is needed for the future, and Maddy chose to create as much as possible. Have you noticed how her name and picture has been kept in the news for so much longer than normal……she knows each day creates more energy.

For the change of the earth to come, energies have to be created somehow. They cannot come direct from Spirit, they have to be created here as an “Earth Energy” hence plans made\chosen in advance.

Will Maddy be found? It would not be fair on Maddy’s friends and relatives to say either way……..but both ways would benefit Maddy’s quest.

The longer she is not found the more energy will be created and stored. The more people especially parents will be made aware of how precious a child is and look closer towards their own, and their awareness heightened.

If she is not found alive, the energies of support, sadness, deep sorrow and strength for friends and family will be created………..plus a huge amount of anguish, understanding and awareness of how this all happened and how it has effected so many people.

And if she is found alive the energies of Joy, Elation and far far more love will be created.

Either way Maddy will have achieved what her beautiful Soul chose for this life on Earth.

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