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THE CHANGE: April 2011

THE CHANGE: The next 2 steps. April 2011  By

Recap: In early 2010 we told you of the extreme weather coming – Floods, Fires, Tsunamis and Earthquakes. ….and that certainly happened. Later in 2010 we told you of how the Earth would begin separating the good guys from the bad guys. This has started with the extreme cases such as you have seen in Egypt and Libya and that will extend further and further into the Middle East and into Asia.

From April 2011.

The unrest will spread to many other Countries……a lot of Countries, as people see that the will of the people can produce results…           a very good example of group energy. In third world countries the effect will be limited as the domination\dictatorship and corruption are too high. The people will try and fail several times and be suppressed even further, but be totally successful in a few years time.

Bringing down the Big Corporations

So what will happen in the first world Countries? Here people are more educated and more experienced in general. They will rebel but in a less aggressive way. Replace the Dictators v people with Large Corporations v people. It’s a different type of dominance but dominance nevertheless. A Bank is a good example – the management are getting farther and farther away from the people. There is no longer a friendly bank manager to help you (unless you have a fat bank account) – the managers are at the top trying to find a way to give the shareholders a slightly bigger dividend but at the expense of the man in the street. They have forgotten about the people who “have to” support them because all banks are basically the same. (No-where better for the customer to go) The end result will be drastic measures created through anger and frustration as more and more people blame the banks for their misfortune. When the dam bursts a single bank will collapse very rapidly as people withdraw their funds – the memories of the recent financial crisis will fuel the fires and other banks will swiftly follow. Afterwards smaller banks will start up managed by well-known figures seen to be “honest and reliable” and the cycle will start again, but this time with more understanding. Besides banks there are many others with a similar modus operandi – Insurance Companies, Utility Companies, Private Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies and even surgeons…….. wherever the size of the Company has got too big at the expense of their customers – where-ever the Company has replaced their commitment to help their customers for more profit – they will be targeted.

Changing to truth

The highest form of love is truth. If your best friend asks you for a loan and you don’t trust him you should simply be able to tell the truth. If your wife buys a hideous ornament for your home you should be able to tell her the truth. We all tend to bend the truth a bit when it suits us. But looking from the other side, if you had bad breath wouldn’t you like someone to tell you? ……only your close friends would. People tend to exaggerate stories to amuse their friends, to brag about their achievements, when applying for a new job but it then extends to business, to make a sale, to make a profit, when talking to the bank………… And before you know it it’s a part of day-to-day life. How did things get so bad? Whom do you believe from this list? (In your Country) Your Politicians Municipality Police TV News Newspapers Your insurance Company Tele-sales canvassers Time-share salesmen Your local Restaurant Your employer Your friends Your best friend (male) Your best friend (female) You see how far away we are from an honest society……………… There are 3 damaging factors with bending the truth. Let’s assume it is your best friend who is the guilty one. Firstly, every time he repeats a story he will exaggerate it a little more and a little more and before long has forgotten the original truth and actually believes his own exaggeration (This really happens) Stories passed on to his children and family will end up a long way from reality. Secondly, what happens when there is a major drama and he tells the truth? He will only be half believed by everyone. Thirdly, and this is the worst. If he exaggerates then he will probably assume that you do too.   Now you can see the dishonest confusion that we live in. So did Moses really part the waters? Did Jesus really feed 5 000 people with 2 fish and a loaf of bread? We may never know – but we do now understand the possibilities a bit better.

Now try the other side.

Go through the list above and this time assume everyone would tell you the truth – and what answers you could expect (Seriously – try it. You will be amazed)

So when will it change?

As the big corporations get taken down they will be replaced with smaller Companies that will be more in touch with the people, and these will only grow by regaining the trust of the people. They will know that the slightest mistake could cost them dearly and will strive for ultimate honesty…nice!  

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