Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

THE CHANGE FOR 2010: Living in truth

THE CHANGE FOR 2010: Next step is living in truth. (December 2009)

 2009 has been a year of continued separating. The financial crisis of last September has had many repercussions from rich families losing their power, wealth and security, to poor families driven to poverty. From suicide on one hand to a deep understanding on the other. Some of us have completed our lessons and some will experience even worse next year. The last few years has opened the World to a mass of information. We have to digest what we have learned and turn it into a positive, but with all positives there comes a negative. There are those that will soon learn how to manipulate this new technology and fraud, embezzlement and theft will grow at an alarming rate. Medical procedures have advanced, but so have the drugs. New medicines are battering our immune systems, pushing our bodies to new limits and creating stronger and stronger negative reactions and emotions that are becoming harder and harder to control. There is more need than ever now to get off medicines and return to more natural ways of healing including a calming of your energies and understanding of your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Thoughts are so very important too – our thoughts of how our bodies can heal themselves must override that which has been ingrained into us by systematic advertising.


 Anger – a lot of anger and resentment at what is being lost to others – not just money – the repercussions have included loss of family, pride, dignity and health amongst other things. Groups will be formed, anger will become group anger and as a negative it will need a physical outlet….the weather will hit extremes, new diseases will form and wars will start. Remember that all wars are about possessions – if somebody has it then somebody else wants it. Many will feel that they have been misled for far too long, unable to trust what is said by their Governments, by Politicians, Bankers, TV commercials, Pharmaceutical Companies and the like. Many will blame their religious leaders and even God – and they will rebel and either turn away from, or join what they believe to be corrupt.


2 000 years ago less than 5% of people were literate. Storytellers made a living travelling the regions telling their version of the latest news, religion and politics for a modest income. Storytelling was a business, handed down from one generation to the next, and stories were often “expanded” to please the crowds. Sometimes they were retold a “better” way to suit the beliefs of the day – hence many distortions and myths were created – and many original stories and the truth eventually forgotten. Today there is more access to information and people are starting to question what they are being told. They are tired of being misled and manipulated, and are turning back to the absolute truth – and this will lead them to make the right decisions for their future. They will soon see that truth builds trust. This will create better and stronger businesses, groups, Associations and Governments. Charities will expand and become the norm as we start to look after one another. Advice from those in power will be listened to and acted upon. Our environment once more will be protected, and nature and energy will work together to create balance and harmony. But there is a long way to go yet.

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