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THE SEA FAIRY.   By SpiritualDictionary.com

I was in meditation, sitting on a white beach with palm trees, sunshine and absolute peace of mind. On my left appeared the most beautiful woman I have ever seen – one that stopped my breath and I immediately fell in love with her. Remembering that communication while in meditation is just thought – I just thought that she was a “woman” She explained that on our planet we are used to the norm being male and female – but there are also species that have both sexes, or neither sex and those that reproduce in so many different ways. Courtship and romance differ dramatically too. She then went on to explain that life on her planet had developed a different way – they had firstly controlled and then done away with the basic negative emotions of jealousy, greed, envy etc, and in a relationship way the equivalent of an orgasm was a showing of ultimate beauty – one that would literally take your breath away. I have never experienced anything so amazing – it was quite a meditation.

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