Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



It is a round board, and around the edges are the letters A-Z plus the words Yes and No. In the center is an upturned glass. You sit around the board and each person puts one finger on the glass, and one person asks a question. Spirits then moves the glass to spell out the answer. Séances, Sittings and Circles only started around 1850 (that we know of) and were considered in those days by many as a form of witchcraft. The Ouija board was one of the first things used, mainly by ‘Fortune tellers’ The Ouija board does work, but is definitely not recommended, as unless you know what you are doing (Protecting yourself) you can easily contact some scary entities. On Earth we live in an Earth vibration which is low. Spirit has a high vibration. That is how the two dimensions are kept apart. When you pass over (Die in human terms) you move from a low Earth vibration to the higher Spiritual one. There are many lost souls who remain in between for a variety of reasons, and they become known as Ghosts and Poltergeist. There can also be some very nasty guys, who have as an example studied Satanism all their lives. When you use a Ouija board correctly, you protect yourself first with white light. Then you ‘tune-in’ by raising your vibrations. Spirit lowers theirs and you connect. It is much easier for a ‘Bad guy’ to connect to you because he has a lower vibration than Spirit, and is therefore closer. Any good medium can sense whether a spirit is good or bad, and being fully confident and protected there are no problems. The problems come in when amateurs try it, not knowing what to expect. They ‘talk’ to the first spirit that comes along and can be led a on a wild goose chase very easily, and can be scared out of their wits. Some are led to believe that they are being taken over by demons and a host of other nasties. As I said, if you know what you are doing there is no problem, but this system of communication is very primitive and rarely used these days.

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