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What is reality actually? By Fiona van Rensburg


What we tend to think is real, isn’t always real. It all depends on our perception at a given moment. When we change our perception our reality change.

Let’s visit one of the universal truths. Universal truth: “Only love is real”

What that implies is that the rest must be an illusion. Just ponder on it for a while. What is the first thing that springs to mind? No, no, no and you start thinking about all that is not love, like this person that is judging you, that one that you have difficulty in forgiving for what they’ve done, the one that you are angry with, the one that betrayed you, the one that abused you, the one that lied, the one that cheated, the one that stole from you and so the list goes on.

So let’s take a step back and take a higher vantage point.

Where are we. On Earth. Why did we come here? Well, the Earth is a plane of emotions, where we learn to master our emotions. It’s a plane where we get to experience duality. Good and bad, love and hate, light and dark and so on.

We make soul contracts with various individual in our soul group prior to incarnating here, to come and play different roles in our life. Usually the ones who comes to play the toughest roles as abusers are the souls that love us so much and in agreeing they say “ok, I love you so much I will give you the experience knowing that I may have difficulty forgiving myself for having done so. But I think I’m strong and wise enough to get back to love and light, in total forgiveness and acceptance. That would be a tough lesson, but I think I can master it.”

This Earth plane is a school for the soul to grow and learn and evolve through the various soul ages. We come here with the soul intent to learn and grow. We choose which experiences we want. The bravest of the souls choose the toughest of lessons.

What do we want to achieve? Self Mastery. In which field? Emotions. What is the greatest stumbling block and obstacle in preventing us from attaining this, is judging others including ourselves, it is also playing the blame game, blaming of others, not taking personal responsibility for soul choices and human choices, feeling like a victim, as well as unforgiveness for others and self for past errors?

What do we do, to go about attaining mastery of our emotions? Well, to start off with, it is by taking personal responsibility in whatever happened in our lives, as our soul planned it and we played a role in co-creating it for ourselves. By surrendering any misperception about this, for everything is not always as it seems. By forgiving others and ourselves for all past errors and judgements. By attaining full acceptance and by living in the Now, totally detached. It’s our attachment to an event or feeling that we struggle to let go of. So what I see people do, is they hold onto an event that took place years ago, and still feel the emotions around it as if it has just happened.

That means they spoil all the beautiful now moments since that event by tainting it with these other negative emotions. Like living the past over and over again. If you live in the now, you realise that now is actually all you have and now it is a beautiful day, now you are loved by the cat lying on your lap, now you have food to eat, now you are connected to God and the Angels and being loved and blessed from above, now is a synchronistic event that by having followed your intuitive hunches you find yourself in the right place at the right time. Now you should not worry. Now is the time to be happy.

Do you get it? Live in the now, not in past, and not in the future. Living in the past creates depression and living in the future creates anxiety.  Drop all mistakenly thinking. Choose your thoughts with care. Ask yourself when a thought enters your mind, do I want more thereof or less? If it is something that you want more of, then keep entertaining those thoughts, if it is something you want less of, then say “cancel, clear delete that thought” before it builds a momentum of its own, because we tend to magnetically attract more of it to us. So keep it positive.

We cannot ask Spirit please help me to be happy when we choose to hold on to unforgiveness, sorrow and victimhood. It’s a two-way street and we need to meet Spirit half way. When we surrender and release and truly let go, it is then replaced with love and peace in our hearts, minds and spirit. I was recently reminded of Jesus’ words to God “Oh Father please forgive them for they don’t know what they have done” which I can relate to. I have forgiven all people in my past that have hurt my feelings by their lies, deceit, ego personalities, jealousy, personal betrayals, betraying my trust, bad mouthed me, abused me, cheated on me and so on.

In a way I felt sorry for them afterwards, for when you become conscious you become more and more aware “what you sew, you will reap”, the law of Karma. In none of the events did I ever think I want to get back at them, or want to make them pay or get revenge. My guides reminded me all I need to remember is who I am. It’s on them for what they done. I just need to keep my slate clean. The truth always comes out and as they say. The truth will set you free, it does.

Sometimes we are unaware if a person is acting out old karma or creating new Karma. The best way to handle it is to personally become aware of your own thoughts, words, deeds and actions. It is to do onto others as you would want done unto yourself. People tend to do unto others as they do unto them, and it creates a vicious cycle of harsh behaviours.

Some people also interfere in other’s free will and end up creating more karma. Spirit once said that our responsibility is to respond when asked for. We are not necessarily to interfere into others matters, if they ask for help, then we help.

My guides also reminded me that if you cannot say something good about a person then keep quiet, and I get why, I understand why. They always tend to find out what was said. Or one day you’ll be in same position and someone badmouths you. It just shows a weak character when you put people down. In some relationships the one party will want to break the other party’s spirit and self-esteem, and in doing so they feel elevated, better than. And there is no better than, nor lesser than consciousness. It’s all an illusion. We need to find the inner strength to lift ourselves up and rise within ourselves without having to step on someone to elevate ourselves. That shows true character and builds respect and sets an example.

We tend to lie to ourselves and believe our own stories. What I came to realise is “it’s not the way you look, it is all in the way you look”. (Read it again) Not on the outside but on the inside. Similar to Wayne Dyers saying “When you change the way you look at things, they things you look at changes.”

So imagine that your emotions are like having reading glasses on. If you look through glasses of sadness, you’ll see sadness all around you, you’ll hear a sad story talking to friends, when you put the Tv or radio on and when you read the newspaper and magazine, sad, sad, sad wherever you look. Adversely If you look through glasses of love, you see the leaves are in the shape of and heart and reminds you of love, you feel the love your pets share with you, see people acting in a loving way towards one another, love, love, love everywhere you look. Which glasses are you currently wearing? What are you seeing when you look outside, cause the world is our mirror and only reflects that aspect within ourselves, back at us?

So when you are interacting with people, how do you know what is your stuff to deal with, and what is theirs, especially if there has been a confrontation or argument. Well, one of the easiest ways to know is, if there were a chemical reaction, anger or outburst from your side, then it’s your issue to work with, visa-versa. If the other person gets angry at you and flip their lid, they have the issue. Listen to the words they say as it is indicative of what they feel on the inside (it applies to them). If you remain cool calm and collected, then walk away, it’s not your issue, leave it with them. People get answers in hind sight or with repeatedly going through similar experiences. If you are the one that got hot under the collar and was shaking with anger, know it is your issue, sit and reflect on it and ask yourself what is it reflecting back at you. What haven’t you made peace with or accepted about yourself? Relating to people teaches us so much about ourselves.

Your responsibility is to raise your vibrations, different emotions operate at different frequency levels. Lower emotions like anger and unforgiveness are heavier, emotions to ecstasy and joy which are higher, are lighter emotions. At times after I assisted my clients to release their negative emotions, they comment on how much lighter they feel. Like a weight being lifted from their shoulders. We don’t always realise how heavy these negative emotions weigh, until it is released.

When we release all those emotions, we gravitate back to love and light. Which is our natural core state of being. It is a state that we love to be in if we allow ourselves, we just tend to fall in the trap of getting hooked into the other emotions that gets triggered and then temporarily forget this natural state of ourselves.

All you need to do is just surrender and release and let go, and you back to feeling love and peace that is found all around you as a mirror of it being in you if you choose to become aware of it. This can sometimes be challenging if you have to forgive without another acknowledging any wrong doing or not even apologizing for inappropriate behaviour or finding closure without being able to speak to another person. But it can be done, it just takes some work.

You will know it is all resolved when there are no more emotions attached to a person or an event when it crosses your mind. Then you know it is done. But while you get upset about thinking or talking about it, it hasn’t fully been released or let go of. Then you have to do it again, and again and again. At times you may have to write letters to the person expressing exactly how you are feeling. That way the emotions flows out of your body, arm, hand onto the paper. It’s vital that you don’t send the letter to that person but to burn it. It’s your issues, and you need to let go of it.

I’m not saying you need to dismiss your feelings, not at all. Feel them, express them and then release them. Feel the sadness, have a good cry and then you feel better. You serve no one by suppressing or holding things in.

In reality you are love, you are loved, you are loveable, and it is safe for you to love. Allow the wonderful feeling of love pour into your heart, body and Spirit and then share it with others. Especially the difficult ones, they need it more than others. People fight battles we are unaware of and it tends to make them hard and cold and judgemental and intolerant, love them anyway.

I invite you to go and look at yourself in the mirror and really mean it when you say “I love you”, feel it and live with it. If it brings up emotions. Then say it more often.

Something I teach my clients to help change their lives is each morning when they wake up say “I ask my lower mind and my lower ego to step aside, I choose to connect to my higher self, I choose to act, react, express and experience only from my higher self. And so be it”. It works wonders. Your lower ego doesn’t entrap you in getting so angry and irritated anymore and you start seeing people and situations in a totally different light. You know it’s working when you find yourself in a situation and you know that in the past you would have totally lost it and flipped your lid by exploding, and now you don’t. Then silently just smile.

In reality you can change your life around. Let me teach you the tools that I use in my life. If you are guided then come for a session and I will assist you on your journey.

Love and light

Fiona van Rensburg

Emotional Healer, Transformational Coach, Intuitive Empath Energy Healer and Metaphysical Teacher





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