Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Miriam (Guide) – Once again we are going to give you the opportunity to do healing in astral, like you did last week with no recollection, but you did do healing. Geoff – Good Miriam (Guide) – Well the monk (A guide called Brother Monk that helps beginners) just passed by, he came because he thought there was going to be healing, and then I told him no he could go and come again another time. Last week you did very well. Geoff – I don’t remember Miriam (Guide) – No, you were warned that you may not remember for the first two or three times that you do it, it was not as if your mind was clear enough. It has so many things going round it but rest assured that you are doing the healing in astral. So we are letting you free for tonight, unless you wish to do something else. Geoff – When you heal on earth and you give energy to us so we can heal using earth vibrations, if I am healing in astral, why is it something which I can do in astral that you cannot, or do you need earth vibrations in astral? Miriam (Guide) – You need earth vibrations in astral, and I think you have read about that in one of your books. Vibrations that came from someone still in the flesh but carried on to talk to someone while they were in astral to comfort them. Geoff – I can’t remember Miriam (Guide) – I feel sure that you have, if you think about it. Not that it is necessary because we can still get vibrations from another source to help if you haven’t got sufficient contact at the time with your body. Geoff – So the vibrations when I go into astral, I take with me earthly vibrations. Miriam (Guide) – Yes you do, but if for some reason we did not wish you to do that then we would get the vibrations from someone else for there are many of you in the same position. And they are all practicing. Geoff – And healing in astral, is that healing of the higher self or spiritual body? Miriam (Guide) – It is healing those who have recently passed on and do not wish to discard their earthly body for some reason or another. It is clinging to them and there are many ways in which you can help to release that. Now do you understand? Geoff – Yes, but I just have one more question. Miriam (Guide) – I thought I was going to get off lightly! Geoff – While sitting here in meditation, I felt a strong band around my forehead, what is that? Miriam (Guide) – Yes you did, they were planting the seeds for something that I am not allowed to tell you yet. It makes me wonder that there is any room in that brain of yours to plant anything! But seriously, knowing the complex of the brain, we are sure there is ample room in parts of the brain that is still never used. And I am hoping that you are going to have a few days rest, to recharge your batteries, and not work continuously, we often see the light burning, as you are working. Now I am going because there is someone else who wants to say a few words, but it has been my pleasure to come back if only for a little while, and before I go may I ask you once again to send the energy to this troubled land, the way the fighting has been in Iraq, that is the most essential at the moment for later we will be asking you to send the energy to many different places. I bid you farewell and I look forward to coming back again in the not too distant future. Geoff – Thank you, bless you Miriam (Ishmael) – This is Ishmael, one would think that we follow each other around like twins, but we do not, our tasks are generally connected in some way and that is why we are often the same time in the same place. Geoff – Welcome Ishmael Miriam (Ishmael) – Now that I have come I am not quite sure why, I notice the disappointment that came from you because there was no healing, but you are on a different path now, that is not to say that you will not be doing healing as you have been, but it is expanded. Geoff – If I, for instance did healing tonight, and then went into astral later on, does it mean the healing I do tonight would take most of my energy, so I couldn’t heal in astral Miriam (Ishmael) – Oh no, whenever you need energy for anything like that it is always given to you. Remember that in the future, that you may feel that you are asked to do something to help someone and you just haven’t got the energy to do it, then you ask if it has not already been given to you then it will be. Geoff – I just wondered Miriam (Ishmael) – There are others who are in the same position as yourself and the healing that they were to have did not happen, therefore we passed on what was coming to you, and as you were already going to do healing in astral we decided that you would not have any at all tonight.    

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