Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Geoff sees…
Geoff – He is very old and very ugly, and he has this black and white dog with him, this dog just adopted him, the path he chose on earth was very, very hard. He spent a lifetime being rejected by those around him and saw very little comfort or kindness towards him. The kindness he did receive was very special but he particularly chose this lifestyle so that he could see what it felt like to be an outcast. One thing he didn’t have was the daily material problems that we have. In a way he was a lot more free, but the pressures that he was under were entirely different, he has come to talk to me before we start, because of what I started to say in the beginning of the evening about not being able to handle stress anymore. The stresses that I go through, are earthly vibrations, material things, and it is nothing compared to living the lifestyle that he has chosen to live. What he will get out of this lesson on earth at the end of his time is a lot of experience and a lot of lessons that will benefit him a lot in the future, the lessons that I am learning in the material world are not to benefit me spiritually, directly, they are lessons I have to go through in order to cope with the second half of my life, which will take into account a lot of the things that I have done during the first half, that is the reason I am having them. Even in his state being mainly rejected by society, he can see a lot of beauty in the world, the good in other people, and he has developed very well spiritually because of his lifestyle. I must not be concerned about my material life, once I can learn to put the material on one side then it will be an insignificant part of my future, but only once I have learnt to deal with it. He sends lots of love and blessings, he is going to go now because meditation is due to start and he thanks us for the opportunity of being able to speak to us and he really enjoyed it. He turns and walks away very happy that he was able to help.

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