Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



It is all very well having an ‘Understanding’ of life, but you will understand far more if you experience it. So you choose to experience it, and you choose the lessons too. You may well go through several hundred lives on a physical plane, learning different lessons with each one, before moving on to a ‘Mental’ plane where a physical body is no longer needed. When you choose to learn more lessons, your higher self creates a ‘You’ to experience it with. This ‘You’ is then born, experiences and returns to the higher self. You may choose to be born male or female, and you may choose easy lessons or hard ones. You have free will up there too, but with the greater knowledge you have there, you can make far better decisions. Let’s say you want to experience losing a loved one, and dying of cancer. You look in the Akashic records (the future) and see that a child will be born that will have those experiences. You then choose to be that child. You need certain characteristics to experience this the way that you want to, so you choose to be born when Planets are in certain positions. When you are first born, the first energies that your new Spiritual body (and therefore your physical body) picks up are from Planets. Each Planet gives off a certain energy or vibration which becomes the basis of your character. (Have you ever wondered why some Women spend 20 hours in labor, and some have premature babies?) Before leaving on your new Journey you choose some Guides (Normally 2 or 3) that will ‘Guide’ you through the experiences that you have chosen. You have total free will on Earth, so you do not ‘Have to’ do anything, but your Guides will give you a nudge in the right direction whenever they can. Normally you will have a Life Guide that will remain with you throughout your time on Earth, plus others that come and go as you experience different lessons. Once you are on your Spiritual path, you can meet your Guides through meditation, and your direction becomes easier. It is also possible to connect with your Higher self too. There is a Chakra of white behind your Crown Chakra. Open this every time you meditate, and eventually when the time is right you will be able to connect…but only when the time is right, and that is usually after you have experienced what you chose. When you decide to come down for a new life, you leave your memories behind so that you can focus on what you have chosen to experience. As an example it would be too easy to experience Poverty when you know it is just for this short life. You sometimes choose a ‘Holiday’ life, where you sail through life without a care in the World…because you need to experience that too. This brings us to a golden rule, NEVER JUDGE PEOPLE. So the next golden rule is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL.  

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