Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Miriam is channeling someone who has not spoken before, and the two of the regular guides, Gladys and Abdul have their say.
Miriam (Stranger) – It was asked if we would give what we consider is right regarding those who wish to become ordained. There is no fast or firm rule, it matters not to the higher one if it is a man or a woman, as long as the preaching comes from the heart and not for power for its own sake. We understand how many must feel when there were no women priests in the time of Jesus, which is when your memory goes back to beginning of Christianity as you know it, but the life and times were quite different to what they are now. There were not the women who wished to leave the family and to take up situations which were far away from family life. Teachings were done within the community therefore no child was left unattended, that is the difference that you have today. We are not pleased with the way the world is going, but we knew it would be so. Each civilisation must find its own way, they must learn by their own mistakes, we can but guide to a certain extent, to those who will listen. I would ask you, those of you who have doubts of women being in the priesthood, do you think that they are speaking different words to the men? Do you think that they are trying to take over from the men? Are these people who are willing to take on what is a very difficult task indeed, are they neglecting anyone by so doing? Only they can answer to your satisfaction, for we know and we know that the heart and what comes from the heart is what counts. The word of the Lord or Messiah, whatever name you care to give, must be spread around the world in the quickest and best conditions that can be found. This is one way for we think that there will be many more who will attend the church if there is a woman to whom they can turn to, to whom they can bring their problems that they would not take to a man. And did not the Creator create man and woman as one? Sometimes in life it is one predominating, another life, it is the opposite. But they have all been created from one source, and that is very much with His blessing. So much trouble in the world is done in the name of religion, but religion is a poor excuse for what they are really fighting about, it is generally power of one kind or another, and until they can see that they will not live in harmony. They will not realise that we are one, we are one because we come from one source. We are not to know why it was chosen that we should be different in looks, that we will be shown in due time. It is sufficient for us all to know that we are one, and as such our brothers and sisters, and to realise that even in one particular family, brothers and sisters do not always get along, but they have chosen that life, they have chosen so that they can learn, and they must learn to get along together or separate but must still realise that they are one family. You might think why not chose to live with parents who will produce offspring to live harmoniously, but then they would not learn. And that is what you come to earth for – to learn. Each and every one of you chooses your life, chooses your parents for that particular reason. As this tape, I hope, will be heard by many, I will say to those of you who are not so spiritually minded, and who have children that are in some way different, it could be the mind or the body, but whatever it is remember that those souls have chosen you as the best parents to teach them, to learn a lesson, or to help them to teach you and those around you. It is very, very hard sometimes to accept this, it is harder still for us when they are aborted, for they have to go through the same process again and again until they are accepted, and accepted they will be by someone. If we can make you understand that before you chose the life that you are in now, that is presuming that you wish to return, you do not have to, it is as much free will through the veil as it is with you. But before a life is chosen there is much counseling and assessing as to what lessons are needed and what that particular soul is capable of doing without faltering. Therefore there are a few parents chosen and this is gradually shown until one final choice is made. So that when anyone wishes to come back in a not too perfect state, then they have chosen and keyed themselves up to accept that particular life only at times to be sent back to us until they are ready to return again. But not straight away. I do not wish to go too much into spiritualism for not all are ready to listen, each must follow his own calling to the religion that suits him best, but I would emphasise that what you are first introduced to as a child need not necessarily be the one that you will finish with before coming back to us. Each religion has something to learn and it is as you progress that you may choose something different, I shall only say that spiritualism is but one of the religions or the movement where every religion is welcomed. You do not have to be a spiritualist only, you can come from every walk of life as they do. But there are other religions too that accept this, but not so well known. I hope I have answered the question about lady preachers, women being ordained, I know there will be many who are still against it, but I would ask you please to accept that it gives the Creator much pleasure in seeing this and for those of you who still object, then so be it, but at least do not condemn, but just agree to disagree. For all your thoughts are on wavelengths that are powerful, so that if you disagree and send animosity to these ladies, it does reach them, far be it for you to ask for understanding as to why you cannot accept. There is nothing wrong in not accepting, it is your choice and we never try to persuade you otherwise, we may show you different ways that you can go, but we never tell you that you must do this or do that. Not even when you come through the veil, do we tell you, you have as much choice and freewill there as you have now, so it has been from the beginning of time, and for all the civilisations that have gone before you and so it will be until the end, which is in the far, far distance that we can see, but not even we can see if that will ever end, or will it be always no beginning and no ending. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk and I hope that many who are willing will listen to this and perhaps give them some peace of mind and not anger. From one who has traveled down your road, many, many lives, many civilisations, I bid you, bask in God’s blessing and peace be upon the world as soon as it can be with the help of all. I say bless you my children, for children you are to me. Luke – Thank you, bless you. Miriam (Gladys) – This is Gladys, you have indeed been privileged to have our brother from such a high vibration come to you and give a few words that we hope will be heard by so many. We had not expected this answer, we waited for we knew it had to come from on high, and we did not just wish to say what we ourselves thought. It is enough that these ladies wish to fulfill themselves in this way without the backbiting that is going on and will go on from other churches and even from those who say they are not religious in any way but think that it is not seemly for a woman to do this type of work. I could say what I would think, but I will leave that for another time. Thank you for asking the question, the lady who did, and I hope that this gives you some idea of what is felt by those who are in spirit and we say to you, that your son is seeking and may change his mind many times, but at least he is seeking and not just accepting what he has been told, or what he first reads about. God bless you all. Luke – Thank you, bless you. Miriam (Abdul) – This is Abdul. Luke – Thank you, welcome. Miriam (Abdul) – I would just like to say that many times in my past lives has there been conflict about what a woman should do, and it has caused a great deal of trouble. We weep now at some of the things that happen when a woman wishes to, as she says ‘express herself’, but that is only our opinion that we think she sometimes goes too far when there is a family to look after, and is that not your biggest problem today. As we notice you have been reading about the education, or I should say the lack of it, one cannot blame unemployment for even in the most primitive of times, when there was not much work to do, then the children were taught by the elders, everything that they knew. And so it was passed down, so that is not an excuse. Now I will not say anymore or I might be tempted to say something that I should not say on this particular tape. Goodbye for now my brother and sister and I shall be back again. Luke – Thank you, bless you.

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