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Your body has a memory

Your body has a memory By

Besides the memories handed down in your DNA it has the ability to create new memories.  If you have a headache and you take an Aspirin, your body remembers – so that next time you have a headache your body will “look for” an Aspirin. If, however, you now take a Paracetamol, your body will say “This is not an Aspirin” and will make the headache worse to “remind” you that it needs an Aspirin………. Eventually it will succumb to the new medicine, but will be confused. That is why when the elderly are given new medicines it takes times for the body to accept it – therefore the Doctors simply make the medicines stronger to over-ride the body’s wishes. The body then starts to lose the control it has on keeping everything in good condition………….and just relies on medicine.

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