Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1000  Rebuilding energy

S: Okay.

Spirit: Now, if we go to Turkey right now, what is the energy that’s needed in Turkey?

S: It’s a rebuilding energy.

Spirit: Yes. Everything that’s left behind. So you’ve got something totally new. Now, there’s an awful lot of different energies that have been used here and are still being used.

First of all, you’ve got all the damage, you’ve got all the people that have been lost, but people have been maimed. Those who have now had to change their,  just even change their work, change their lives, change their way of living. And then you’ve got all the families that support those. Then you’ve got all the services that  support the different towns and cities in the earthquake area, and just massive amounts all over. Now, what is nice about that particular, earthquake or disaster? Nice outcome is that when they rebuild, they’ll be able to rebuild on a better level. They’ll have had the experiences, they’ll be able to move on to producing or, building better homes. The people that have had the experience will be much wiser for the future. They’ll have had a lot of, .. they’ll finish a lot of their lessons that they came down to learn, and so they’ll be able to help with the change and so on and so on. So lots of different energies.

S: Yeah. And it’s actually contribution. There’s lots of different energies because they, those energies feed each other.

Spirit: Correct. Yeah. Now, just take a moment to look into past. You’re able to see now into dimensions, into the past. And just get, take a quick glimpse of all the people that were there in your field that help out and so on in different groups, different individuals, and you’ll just see a whole, like a shower of sparks.

S: Mm-hmm.

Spirit: And those are all the people that,….. you’re able to see the whole thing at once. Just like that, a shower of little lights that will tell you how much, how many visitors there were there, if you like, how many people helped. On top of that, you get all the, energy that was sent. The energy you’ll see in the form of blankets of colors because they’re sent from millions of people around the world and simply the thought of, “oh shame” all this energy for Turkey, and automatically energy is sent across.

So it’s gathered on the outskirts of Turkey by various spirits and put into blankets of energy. So it’s used when it’s needed by, basically the guides looking after each individual, each home, each street, and so on in the damaged area.


Spirit: So that went to all the rebuilding. There’s lots of energy left over to help the people find jobs, find their way, get over their stress and their loss, and so on and so on. So, and as you know, the body, which you’ve experienced tends to look… defend itself by… in a way pretending it didn’t happen or pushing it to one side. So, it looks after itself.

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