Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1019 Anxiety energy

Right, now I’ve got a lake. I’m looking down on this lake, and it’s darkish water. Like fresh water surrounded by shrubs, greenery. There seems to be no life there at all. And that’s why the water looks dark, it’s a bit like stagnant water but not quite. It’s half a mile inland from the ocean, which I can see is nice and blue. And there is something for us to see there. Let me just go down there and I am going to go right into the water. Because I started seeing faces in the water, a bit like gargoyles, nasty faces, etc. So I am going to go right in. And see, …feel this water. Mmm, It’s not nice at all. It seems to be, everything is anxious. I don’t know if there is a word to cover that. Anxiety. Anxious horrible feeling. Like something is going to happen. You know when you just feel something is not quite right, or …


Okay, now, it’s just one more thing that we use to help people on the planet with the change etc. This is the feeling we give to people, to make them aware of something, something nasty is coming along, etc. It’s also a very simple way for us to make them aware of it, then we can hit them with all the negativity and then we can put the good things in. So it’s a pool of energy that we draw on, which just makes people feel very unsettled. So they know change is coming. And they basically open themselves up to change because they don’t like this horrible feeling. So suddenly they open up and they see ‘ah, there’s bright light over there’ so they go in that direction or they see flowers or whatever you want them to see. And then they move out of it and they leave it behind. Just another way of doing it.


S: Okay.


Okay, I think we must get away from energies for a while. I think we have had too much of energy, so let me see if somebody can show you something a bit more entertaining for the evening. Lol


S: It’s all I think, breath and eat, is energy, now. Lol


Lol, yes you do indeed. But….

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