Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1022  Clarity

I would like to talk a little bit about clarity. We discussed clarity about a week or two ago and you have seen a few variations of it. And if you remember the Indian that you had, just in his own space, with the animals and so on, he had Perfect clarity, so he could Focus his mind on anything else that came along;  because he was in such a nice space. Anything that came along that needed his attention, he could give it his hundred percent attention. Now what you have been given over the last six months, has been an unbelievable amount of information and all that information is in your system somewhere. Now you don’t have to remember it all, it’s all in there, and it will be activated when needed, simply through you thinking the right way. Thought is creation, and just the way you think, which is correct will ensure that the right energies  and thoughts go out to get the job done.


S: Okay.


Now, when you are in a situation where, let’s just say you are going to talk to a group of people, and let’s just say it’s a spiritual church group, as you have witnessed or experienced before;  and when you go there you are going to think “I want to talk about this this this this and this, and so on” When you get there,  what I want you to do, is put all of that on one side, and imagine in front of you, clarity. For the clarity, you look at the group of people, then you imagine that as one clear pane of glass, and you are looking through the glass at these people. On the outskirts of that glass is the frame, and only out there are all the thoughts and emotions, bits and pieces etc. So it’s just, if you do that right in the beginning, it will give you clarity. And then it will disappear, and then you will have access to everything you need. And that is really a very good way of doing it.


Now, you had a similar scenario. When you talked at the school a few days ago, you had all these original things planned to talk about etc. But when you got there, it was completely changed. And you were sort of thrown in the deep end and all you had to do was talk. But you did, was you talked very comfortably about the whole thing. Because it is in you, all that information is in you. And all you had to do was make the connection. And without you even thinking too much about it, your soul, if you like, started to connect with all the people and then your soul started to tell you what needed to be said.  And that is how that whole thing started off, slightly nervous in the beginning and then just straight away going into it, just talking. And it was so natural for you to do. And that is the way you will be talking to others, as you get further and further down the road. So, even if you get to a stage where  there is a complete,  what you think could be a complete blockage, and you have no idea how to answer it, just walk ahead and we will help you answer. As far as answering questions go, just remember one thing, we will answer for you. But also, there is  never any shame in saying “I don’t know but I will have a look”. There are situations where you will have to do that, simply because there is so much involved, and if you started to answer then, without the experience you could create more problems that way.

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