Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1034 Tiny beetle Aliens on an outing

G: I’ve got a visitor who is not going to talk. Just wants to show himself. He is right in front of me. Probably 6 foot tall. He is like an elongated beetle with very many legs, facing towards me. A bit like a giant Christmas beetle in a way. Around the head there is sort of a snout, there’s bright red and white colours around the forehead where the eyes are supposed to be. And not, see he is saying that I am assuming I am going to see eyes, nose and mouth. Or with a crocodile, you see a mouth and you see eyes. I saw the shape of the snout was a bit like a crocodile so I assumed eyes and mouth and he said no, that is totally different. He is not going to talk; he is just an evolved species. He is showing me where he is living and it’s just like a sort of underground caves but I think the size is different. He is probably very very small. Or I am small, I am not sure. He says it’s irrelevant.


Okay, got it. What they are doing is they are experimenting, so he is saying, relate it to you when you started doing meditation, when you started trying to astral travel and trying to learn and so on, and then an alien came to visit, this is pretty much the same thing. There is a group of them and they are trying to visit other people, like they are coming to visit us. And because they are beginners, this is like, this is a very easy space to get into because a lot of people come here and talk. So for them to come in and just introduce themselves and so on is a big achievement. They haven’t learnt to, let’s say channel, as yet, in their particular world. But they are able to transfer across to me a little bit about where they are, there sort of living conditions and more or less what they look like. It’s very very limited, but they are very happy that they have been able to do this. And… let me see what else they can…


Okay, these are very small, very small creatures. Now the area that they are in is being flooded and they are being moved out. And they work as a group mind. And that is why they are able to communicate. They are going to get wiped out pretty shortly. They are all going to go back upstairs, they say. They are getting wiped out because of these floods, and their group mind has all sort of got together and just a little bit of connecting before they go. Because, they are not concerned at all, they are sort of just all going to die at once. They just wanted to do this to,


S: have a little outing.



Yes, it’s like a bit of an adventure for them. They say we don’t have to worry about them at all, it was just an adventure. And that’s about it. And thank you and they all carry on with what they are doing.


S: A little outing.


Yes. Sort of beetle things. Seems to be in like India or Pakistan, somewhere around there. Pakistan I know they are having a lot of floods. So that’s probably where it is. Okay, so they are saying that this ties up with what you saw in the beginning. With the creatures coming out of the sea, this is in the same area. So the creatures coming out of the sea, the energy coming out of the sea is going to help replace these that are now going to cross over.


S: Wow


So, you thought this was going to be a very weird meditation, seeing what you did. And now you can see how both sides fit together. Lol. That was very good, thank you for that.


S: When are our meditations not weird? Lol




S: Oh my word, that makes so much sense. New energy replacing the old energy.


Yep, and they are all just going. it just makes so much sense. I mean it’s pointless us trying to teach people this. They are not going to believe it at this level.


S: No.


But we can, lol. That is great.



Sharon: It’s a bit like the other day with my little red dude, I felt that he is like a beacon or it felt like it. Because there was like pulsating.


G: Must be a communication thing.


S: So it’s like both, so I can get information, he will give me information in everything, whatever I am doing, being, saying, whatever. He is being a contribution and they are being a contribution, but also I am, they are getting information about everything that’s taking place on Earth. Whatever we are doing. So it’s like a channel, I don’t know if it’s right, but it’s what I got.


G: yes it is. Years ago Mom and I got access to, we call it the library in the sky. When we asked something we could get answers. Instead of asking sometimes, in those days, you just sort of wait around and hopefully a few days later, hopefully someone would come along and say well this is it. We got instant access.


S: It’s speeded up now.


It certainly has. Well and truly.

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