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1039 A collection of thought forms

G: I have someone beside me.


S: Welcome.


G: And, lol, he is sort of in it the wrong way. Lol. Ok.


Spirit: Sorry, I am not use to a body, lol.


S: Understandably.


Spirit: Um, it’s the appendages, the arms and legs, I’m not used to, yes. So, what I did was, when I first came in, I put my right arm, where there wasn’t a leg and there should have been, lol. So, now. I am here on behalf of a group of people.


G: And now, I’m unsure as to what they want.


S: Do you all think collectively?


We should be.


G: Um, this is a group of people that are confused somehow and they’ve come to me because they’ve said “why talk to you? Because you could help to unconfuse the problem”. But I’m looking at them and I am failing to see what the problem is and failing to connect with them. I will go closer and I’m going to describe them. Very basically, the group I’m looking at at the moment, look like one of your sea crabs. You can imagine a sea crab without any legs, without any claws, just the shell, and it’s not smooth, it’s very gnarly, pitted and so on. In the inside is a terrible memory. It’s trapped in there. This is something I have not seen before. I haven’t seen it, so I don’t understand it, so I’m not sure why they have brought it? To show you, so you can understand it. Or help them. Let me move. Others are coming to help. This is a mystery. I’m not inside, surrounding me are like arteries. Arteries and information. And they are going in all different directions but they are all dark. They are not, they don’t seem to be alive. They seem…. This is why we have never seen this before. This is a collection of thought forms.


S: Aha.


It’s a huge collection of thought forms. And what’s happened, is it’s started to think. So, thought forms, as you know, gather together and they attract each other. And after a while they start to think very basically. And this one has now accessed information from all over and it’s gathered a lot of information.


S: Oh my word.


But it is so, it doesn’t know what to do with all the information. It’s simply because they all come from different parts. Imagine if you took a bit from a car, a bit from a plane, a bit from a boat and tried to see how you can fit them together but it simply doesn’t fit. And these thought forms came from this Earth. That is why it is easy for the two of you to fix it. And that is why we haven’t seen it before. So, it’s very simple, all you do is…


S: white light it.


White light it. And slowly it just crumbles and crumbles and disappears and I was going to say there is a little bit of AI left, but it’s not, everything has disappeared. It’s crumbles into the tiniest of pieces and just disappears into nothing.


S: They said that the other day, just white light, poof, poof.


Yes. Well that was quite amazing and certainly a new one for me.


S: yes. That was so funny… “help”. Help what? “I don’t know”. Lol.


It seems our work here is done. Thank you for your help.


S: Thank you.


And he’s just ambled off. That was very strange.


There’s a little bit more to that. They are just saying that major thought forms like that, where they are all linked together and they start to get a memory. They can cause interference in different areas. That’s because they don’t really know what they are doing. It’s like a big negative lump wondering around Tinley Manor, as an example. And when that energy gets into your energy, it sort of  alters your way of thinking, because things aren’t as natural, normal as they should be. Things get a little bit distorted or what’s the word, disturbed. Then you get this funny feeling and it bumps into different auras and energies and so on. And normally they are just there, they are not a hassle. You just get a little feeling, boom. Somebody walking over your grave is a very good example.


S: yes.


But something this big can cause quite a bit of disturbance, so that’s all there is to it. But you will probably never meet one again.  



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