Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1046  How energy flows through your bodies – and how to use it..

G: I think what they want to talk about tonight is how energy flows through the body. Because I started off by you know, really sitting upright. And I know your memories are kept down your spine. I’ve used that many times. Then they showed me either side of your spine, straight lines going down, all the way to the outside of the body, and then all the different energy colours. Hmmm. So I’ve got all these stripes down my back, and, it seems like, I know if it’s to do with other bodies or how energy goes through you.


S: Yeah, because I was like expanding, expanding, expanding, and there was this blockage, and it just got squashed and squashed and squashed and squashed and squashed down. And I was like, well, what is that? And it’s not me being squashed down, but it was like showing you energy just being squashed. So it could be the same thing. Like we squash our energy. You know.


G: Hmmm. I’m just going to stand up for a while, because I just want to see how energy goes through. What I have at the moment is like a pink energy going from my right eye, down my right side, and down my right leg. And I go to the left, the very left, I’ve got a dark green energy. And, so what they’re showing me, this is not the colours of the rainbow like we normally use. These are different colours. I’m seeing, I’m seeing energy coming downwards, which is,….. energy is definitely coming downwards from above.


S: Yeah.


G: It doesn’t go through the head to the body, some goes through the head, but some goes to the shoulders and down. So this, it’s like a tube of energy that comes down. It’s shoulder width, and it comes down and envelops the whole body down to the feet. Now, let’s just see where it comes from.


Okay, there’s somebody coming along, I think he’s going to chat about energy. Just feeling his way at the moment.


Spirit: Alright. You’re, you humans have a brain at the top, and that’s what controls the rest of your body.


S: Unfortunately. Lol.


Spirit: Lol. What we see is the whole body, your spiritual body, your soul if you like. It is, you can call it one big piece, one big piece of colour, it doesn’t have organs and so on. It is simply a matter of energy. Now when you do spiritual healing, we know that colours go into the soul and transfer into the physical, but they don’t go into the soul’s kidneys or the soul’s heart, it just goes into parts of the body. So the soul is all simply colours.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Now, as you were taking energy, as Geoff is standing now, it comes down into the body, but then it stops, it fills up the soul. It fills up the spiritual body.


S: Yes.


Spirit: So, then, if you put hands out, it can travel down your hands, and it can radiate out from your body in all directions. It is simply a storage unit for energy. How you dispatch that energy doesn’t make any difference. It doesn’t have to come through your hands, feet or wherever. It’s simply transmitted through thought. Your problem is that you think, if you have a physical body, your brain thinks, and you think you would transfer it out through your head, your third eye or your hands.


S: Yes.


Spirit: It’s not at all, it comes out from the complete body. So, energy is not so much stored in your body. You do have a certain amount of energy which is in your body all the time, and that’s basically for your day to day use and so on. As you need more energy, you’ve got an instant access to all the energy. That comes from the nature around you, not from us, not from the spiritual world, it comes from your own world, and it’s already there. It’s there in all the different colours, it’s just absorbed into you. So, we help you bring that energy in. So, as we’ve discussed before, if you pass an accident and you want to send the complete energy, you need to just think about it and all that happens is you will draw in the energy from around you and transfer it to where it’s needed. We simply guide that energy to make sure it goes in the right place and the right colours. You simply have to think the right way, nothing more to it.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, now there are other colours in our dimension which you don’t have on earth.


S: Yes.


Spirit: They are not in your realm. You have the basic colours which are used for earth. So, all your earthly colours have earthly vibrations.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Over here we have spiritual vibrations which are used for different things. For example, using your third eye, as you’re doing at the moment, we have different colours for that. And then different types of healing that we can do through you which are not earthly healing. Does that make sense?


S: Yes.


Spirit: OK. All these different colours we can send through to you. It’s just a matter of energy.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, you. It’s easy enough for us to say to you they are colours. But you can identify the colours. We don’t actually need that over here. We simply need the thought of what the energy is.


S: What kind it is.


Spirit: Yes. The benefit of the energy, whatever. We simply think of that and that is then created and sent through to you. Now, there are many other types of energy that you won’t be using at this stage. There is only one more group of energies, if you like, which is travel. Now, you know of course you astral travel all the time and you astral travel using a group of different colours, different energies.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And when we want to accelerate that to send you to a different.., a long distance, for example, or something very special, when you meet people of a much higher intelligence, for want of a better word, we can simply supply more colours which is what will help you. So, everything on this side is made up of these different colours and there is far more to all of these than you can imagine.


So, all you have to concern yourself with is whatever is needed on your planet will simply be provided. That comes from here anyway.


S: With intention.


Spirit: Yep.


G: Right. And now, to complicate things a little bit more, they just showing me that guy or they just, you heard all the information which he said about the different colours and so on, you understand the whole thing. And what they are showing me now is that on different planets you have a different combination of colours because you have to. Lol. We needn’t go there at all. Lol.


S: That makes sense because of different energies. Some planets won’t have the hate, anger and energies that we have. That just got pure love. So, that makes sense. That kind of makes sense.


G: Yes. The Earthly energy is basically what you need on this particular planet to do the healing. It influences what you can do.


S: Yeah. If they want to do anything more, and if they want to provide anything more, they use us as a channel.


G: Correct. Yeah.

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