Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1047   Cats and Dogs are sent down as groups  (Part 1)

I’ve got my mother over here. That’s unusual. My father, in the distance. I’ve got the blonde in the distance. And big space in between. This was, it turned out to be a bit of a meeting place. I get things and we go and see them or whatever and they come and talk. Then it comes back to this sort of area where we are in at the moment. So, it’s you and me sitting here and it’s like we are surrounded by an arena. It’s like sitting in the middle of a circus arena.


S: Yeah.


G: And all of the floor and everything is grey and it’s grey and plain and empty. And then spirit is right on the outside in the distance, sort of looking in. So, this is like our meeting place, if you like, where new people come along and they can see us and decide to move in and chat or whatever they want to do.


S: Mmm.


G: Okay. I have a small pink character. And he’s a bit like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Very similar. Very small. And I can only see him because the area all around is grey. And he’s like in our arena. And I’m trying to make contact or whatever. And this is going to sound a bit crazy. But it keeps changing between Piglet and Boo Dog, behind me. I keep seeing her face changing.


S: Mmm. That’s strange.


G: I’m picking up… let me just see…this is going to seem weird still, but it does make sense. It’s her spiritual body before she develops.


S: Okay.


G: But why, like, Piglet? Ah, all pink. All pink, all loving. So, that’s what she is right now. She’s loving, my God.


S: And she’s shy and she’s away from everybody and everything. She’s scared and she’s timid and she’s just love. 


G: Wow, that is it, Shan. That is unreal. I never thought about that. Ah, so there must be one for brown dog. And this Piglet has just scuttled off behind me and joined up on the bed behind (where Boo is).. So, just confirming, that’s what it is.


Now, let’s look at yours. Ah, okay. They don’t have individual spiritual bodies, instead. This was just a show to introduce us to the concept. As they grow, they come down and the big step from dogs or horses to humans is a major step in their evolution. So, they don’t come down as one dog. They come down as several, many. It can be many times or many dogs. All that information, it’s like the spiritual body is shared amongst lots of them. So, it can gather more information and that all comes together when they cross over. And that becomes the single soul which then evolves into the human being.


S: Shew.


G: That will make a lot of sense. So, that’s why they just wanted to show us that. So, with Brown dog on the right here, there’s no individual there. And they just explained why not. There are many others.


S: So, that’s why he might have an affiliation with that other dog on the beach. Where they couldn’t stop looking at each other. And didn’t want to walk away from each other. There’s like this drawing to each other and understanding. But like, no, obviously no words. No nothing, just like, but this affiliation with each other.


G: Yeah, well you don’t know that there’s no words because we speak in a basic human language. But they have instincts, tremendous instincts, far better than we do.


S: 1000%


G: And they can read each other’s auras if you like. That’s why some dogs get along very well and some dogs don’t, which is weird. But I can see now how the group soul, for want of a better word, will come down as, maybe two or three hundred puppies.


S: Okay.


G: And go through life and have all sorts of experiences because…


S: It’s a group’s experience.


G: Yes, it’s an experience for a group.


S: Yeah.


G: Only when they all come together at the end do you have enough information to become the first human soul. Now, let me just look at that a little bit more because I’m wondering if it’s necessary for all life to start from scratch again. Every soul doesn’t have to come… Okay. They say, right, stop right there.


S: Yeah, and if we are all dogs in that community because of a scenario or…


G: No, they are saying, you don’t have to go back to your past. What I was thinking was, do we have to go back to where, you know, these bugs come out of the water and they start to grow later and all that sort of thing.


S: Yeah.


G: No, not at all, not at all. And they are saying, it’s like the caveman, we don’t have children born today with caveman facilities with brain cells and whatever.


Spirit: So it’s the same with the animals. They need to learn the basics, etc. But they don’t have to learn everything from square one because it has already been learned. So, there’s no point in being a pawn full of tadpoles again because it’s been done a zillion times. It’s easy enough just to take that information and put them on to the next level or the next level or whatever.


So, really your starting point at the moment is a much larger animal and it is in groups. So, flocks of birds, flocks of insects, groups of dogs, etc. It just makes more sense for us to do that because we want them to develop, we want them to start with basic skills and learn. But we know what they’ve learned on thousands, millions of different planets in different ways. So, it’s easy enough for us to start it going here at a much more sophisticated level, a much more evolved level. 


So, I cannot say that it starts with dogs because again you’ve got this selection of people. Let’s say animals evolved from a scale of one to ten. One is a tadpole and ten is a dog. Some will have evolved and they are on this planet right now being born as eights or sevens or sixes or fives or fours. Because you need that selection, you can’t have them all starting on level eight for example. You need a bit of everything, so they all, they intermingle, they learn from each other and so on.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, that’s why we cannot say that they start on a specific level. But in most of the cases, the animals, the souls starting now, are starting just prior to a human level. Because that’s the stage you evolve to. Now, if you take for example the upper mental levels where souls are still evolving, they don’t, when new souls evolve, they don’t start from the physical animal age here. They start as an evolved spirit. So, when they evolve, it’s only, for instance, that you and Geoff would move over to the mental levels. You don’t have to start from scratch on those levels.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, when we put you on a planet to learn specific things, it’s not a matter of let the planet develop and start it with tadpoles. It’s let the planet develop and let’s create people on there at a certain level so they can start to grow. And we will simply say to you, do you want to go to this planet to learn this particular whatever?


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And you can start at the age of whatever is needed. So, that’s what evolving means as well in a different scenario.


S: Yeah. Yeah.


Spirit: So, your little pink pig has just disappeared. And gone back to join the rest.


S: Sweet man.


Spirit: It’s something I knew you would enjoy.


S: Yeah, she is precious, the Boo girl.


Spirit: Yeah.


S: That sums up her so well.


Spirit: Hmm. Now, you’ve always been told that the one step before humans is horses and dogs. That is not always the case. It depends on how a specific group has developed. They could actually miss that particular step in the evolvement and go straight to a human. Now, there is also a possibility that you would go from the step of being, for example, a flock of birds to a family of five children. Now, that is something which I don’t like to use or experiment with, but you have to look at all the different possibilities and scenarios to see what is the best way for future generations to evolve and so on. So, that has been done.

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