Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1050  Guides putting memories into bigger animals to help evolve with the change  (Part 2) Very good

Now, let’s have a look at some bigger animals. Cows and buffalo and elephants and so on. And just see how they fit into it. And the answer is they don’t. There are two types of adjustments here. Let’s look at wild animals and then we’ll look at cows. Cows are pretty straightforward. They don’t progress onwards from a cow level. They stay at a cow level and they just carry on, going over and over and it’s like an automated process. They don’t have a soul as such. They create a few memories and then what happens at that stage is they go back to the other side. Their memories are now divided out amongst other new cows that will be born. And then that’s how their evolvement carries on. That’s all they just remain as cows. They don’t need to evolve into anything else.


Then if you look at animals out in the wild, the elephants, the buffalos, the lions, the tigers and so on, they don’t evolve either because they are part of nature. And they only evolve to a certain degree in nature. And nature is needed. It’s needed to control and to regulate the planet and how that all works. And they need to adjust and evolve and just be what they need to be at that particular stage of the evolvement of animals in nature.


Now, if you take a look back for a minute at the tadpoles, insects and birds, etc. They are no longer needed for the evolvement of humans, but they carry on as part of the evolvement of nature. So the souls of, or  the one soul, this is interesting. The one soul, let’s say, it’s tadpoles to start with. You create one soul, then it becomes insects, then it becomes a flock of birds and then it progresses upwards. Now at that stage it will divide into two. The one which will end up progressing to horses and dogs and eventually onto humans. The other side will divert into nature and be under the control of divas and will go into larger animals.


Now, they’ll go through all these different stages of larger animals, but also they’ll be able to reach levels. Now this might be a bit tricky to explain. Let’s say they reach the level of a buffalo and they understand how the buffalo has evolved, etc. But the buffalo may change the way, let’s see, the buffalo eats grass, it will change the way the insects look after the grass, grows. The buffalo may move from one area to another. Let’s just say you get cold weather, it will move south, it will go to a different area, where there’s different vegetation and so on.

So, the buffalo has those memories of being different and those need to be passed on to other creatures, insects, birds, etc. Because nature is all in one, it’s one big package that all works and looks after itself and regenerates nature. Now, it does regenerate other emotions, as you know, negativity, positivity, etc. around the world, it works as one.


So, it shares information and it’s quite possible for, we’ll call them souls, to reach a level of becoming a buffalo or an elephant or a lion or whatever, and then change back to start again or to go to different particular levels, different countries, different animals. And of course, you get animals as well, which go extinct, dinosaurs for example.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: But there are other animals in today’s world which go extinct as well and there are thousands of them. And every day, there’s animals that go extinct because they simply haven’t worked out. Now, again, with nature, you’ve got, and it’s literally in the hundreds of thousands of different animals, insects, birds, different species, all evolving at the same time, and they all interact. So, they’re looked after, as you know, by the little divas and the big divas, and they all interact, but they must also evolve at the same time as the humans evolve, because they look after the planet. So, the evolving involves smaller creatures, the bugs, the birds, the insects, etc. Some will go extinct because they don’t suit the climate anymore. Or there may be too much of them, too little of them, etc. You know, nature adjusts all the time. So, some will evolve and grow extra limbs or wings or whatever they need to do, and others will go extinct. So, the nature will progress at its best possible level.


Now, you’ve heard of, you know that, for instance, in the pride of Lions, the strongest survive. And it’s the same thing throughout nature. Only the strongest survive. And that simply allows nature to evolve at the best possible rate. That’s a bit complicated, but I’m sure you understood that.


S: Yeah, I got it. Yeah.

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