Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1061 Khalif talks about the Māori people

A similar tribe would be the Maori’s. They developed in similar ways, basically in New Zealand, looking after nature, etc.


But, the way they changed slightly from the Aborigines was in what they believed was their hierarchy. They worshipped nature, they believed that they could live off the land. They didn’t look after nature as well, they started to believe that they controlled or dominated nature. And they created this hierarchy where you get the equivalent of a Maori queen, for example, and Maori princesses and so on, and they would be in charge of the land. And they brought the tribe, they controlled the tribes, and they started to put in rules and regulations regarding nature, which were far more extreme. They were, instead of being just acceptable, they were created to become an asset, if you like.


So, the various tribes, the head of the tribes would then, mm, it’s difficult to explain this. They would say that, I’m the head of the tribe, and I’m therefore the creator of everything that’s around me in nature.


S: Okay.


Khalif: So, they started to get worshipped for that, instead of worshipping nature itself. So,..


S: Aaahhh, redirecting the energy.


Khalif: Yes, so, again, we let that just carry on, and when things started to go slightly wrong with nature, they would, the hierarchy, the queen, or whatever, would say, right, we need to do some form of rain dance to bring rain, or to change the crops, or whatever. And because they were head of the tribe, they would literally make up something that we have to do. In a lot of cases, majority of cases, they would believe they could do it, but in a lot of other cases, they would add something in because we have to satisfy the people. So, let’s call this a rain dance and convince everyone it’s going to cause rain.


S: Mmm.


Khalif: Now, you understand how rain is caused through group energy and so on and so on. So, sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn’t. So, that’s how they developed, a hell of a lot slower. Then they became more westernized, and they started to slowly change over into a westernized nation, and their beliefs started to fade away, and what is left today is basically not too much of a strong belief, but just a lot of extreme.


S: Yeah.

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