Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1065  Climate Change effects, no water no energy (Part 2)

Now, as this climate change takes place, what it’s going to do is force people into the cities more. I’m talking over a long period here. It will force people into the cities more, where there will be more of  these man-made structures and man-made farms and so on. At the moment, they’re planting on roofs in various countries, which is not a bad idea as long as it’s out in the open, but it does get far more polluted in the cities than it does out in the wilds.. So, that overall makes it not so good for the people, so the people themselves are going to get slightly weaker, slightly less healthy, and they will simply get used to it. And even if they bother to check on the health of the people, maybe 50, 75 years ago, they will see the difference of the health now. They will see all the benefits that they have created through making medications but they will not see the overall picture of the actual body and the immune systems simply getting weaker.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: You’ve seen, of course, with the vaccinations, which you were very wise not to take, and you’ve seen it with cancer coming through and diseases spreading more rapidly. And you can understand these big pharmaceutical companies simply making profits for their shareholders and ignoring the people themselves. So, the biggest thing that you’re going to need in this climate change is water. Water is needed desperately.


S: Yeah, we are water.


Spirit: Yes, but to water the crops, that’s the main thing, you must have rain. Your rainfall mustn’t change, otherwise the crops will dry up, and they’ll dry up in huge amounts.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: If you take, let’s just say, as a simple example, 50% of the world is ideally growing crops, then suddenly with this climate change you have too much water on one half, and too little on the other. That means that 25% is now going to be flooded, and 25% is going to be in drought, and that is your entire crop. So that’s the seriousness of the matter. When that does happen, what’s going to happen with the big companies, they’re simply going to try and create nourishment, and that will be in pill form.


S: Pill form, yeah.


Spirit: So, you get farther and farther away from nature. Now, of course climate change will create havoc with your economy, but when it’s linked with the change that’s taking place, and the havoc that will take place anyway without the climate change, but it’s just going to make it worse, far worse. Now it seems to, you seem to be thinking that this is all doom and gloom, and recessions and so on, which it is in a way, but it’s going to happen quite slowly, and people will start to adjust and get used to it. When that starts to happen, they will learn, they will start to learn, and they will realize that they’ve got to, for instance, a very simple thing is to grow their own vegetables. They can turn to solar heating, for example, solar panels, and a lot of more natural ways of living. What’s happened with your homes at the moment is you’re creating more and more homes, but you’re creating more and more….. You need more and more electricity, you need water, you need sewage, you need food and heating and all these sorts of things.


And they’ve all been sort of made, built around a home, and all these homes are now congregating into smaller and smaller areas, and they’re becoming more congested. So therefore, that’s why the growth is changing over to greenhouses and artificial creation.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, when the lands get too dry, it’s going to be a matter of creating giant greenhouses covering the dry land, but then they have to find a way to get water there, and of course they’ll be looking at, for example, desalination plants and pumping water from the sea, which has more than enough water. And you’ve got your rivers and so on.


So, many things are about to happen in the future. That is just progress, evolving, learning, and moving along. So, let’s see if we can find a better subject for you.


I will look at the… something a little bit more unusual for you, is the enjoyment that will be experienced over the next few generations. And it’s the same, you get two extremes, very good, very bad, and you need in the middle. So, enjoyment. When you, if you take, for example, a very poor African village, they may only have one piece of wood to play with, for example, but they may be getting very good enjoyment out of that, because they know no better. But when they then get a model car or a drone or something more upmarket, it will seem like Christmas to them.


But when you look the other way around, when you take the average child that is used to having presents and so on, and suddenly these presents dry up, and the presents get lower in value and not so exciting. So the happiness value goes down. It’s the same with entertainment, or what do you call it, group entertainment. Having people around, parties, festivals, organizations, that sort of thing. Again, out in the primitive areas where everybody knows everybody, it’s a very comfortable thing to do, and it’s a very enjoyable thing to do, mainly because you know everybody and you’re quite comfortable doing whatever you do in that particular festival. Whereas in the festivals that you have here, in this modern economy, this modern day, it’s where unknown people by majority get together to celebrate and it’s a different form of celebration.


S: Yeah, it’s a different energy.


Spirit: Yeah. So when you get a drying up of these huge entertainment venues and so on, because of the economy and inflation etc, what it is going to be left with is smaller groups of people, like yourself here and maybe your Palm Lakes people will be one group. And that’s where it will go back to you getting to know everybody, the entertainment is more creative, and the group festivities that you will have, you will get to know more and more people. So that will change quite a bit as well.








1066 – Do not assume what you see is correct – sense it


G: Right, now I have somebody sort of in the distance and he’s changing his form, but he looks a bit like a gorilla at times, and the face changes to sort of more human. It’s difficult to describe, you imagine a gorilla sort of getting a grey beard.


S: Mmm.


G: A bit like planets of the Apes, that sort of thing. Let’s just see what he wants, ok.  Somebody else here, who’s head is a lion’s mane, and yet he seems to be upright. Now I have multi-colored fish. I think I’m just jumping from one to the next.


S: And they are all animals.


G: Yeah. Sort of half human half animals.


S: Yeah.


G: I can see these, can be all alien. But I’m not getting any guidance, direction. Ok, I have somebody coming. Such a nice feeling when they take over.


S:I’ve got Eve, or E the whole night. I thought she was going to come in and just take over, it was actually just no, and then she left, and then just hovering, but it’s so nice to feel her again, because it’s been a while. I was so hoping she would come in and just take over from you just now.


G: Mmm. Well she still may do. Let me get this first one settled in. Ok. I can see it, it’s just difficult to explain. I think what we will be… I think the warning is that you will be experiencing things which are not as you perceive them to be. We’ve just shown you some very unusual things, and lions head on a person, luminous fish and so on, and your  assumption is that these are from, you would call them aliens, from us as they are from different planets and so on. They could well be, but on the other hand they could be figments of imagination, they could be mistakes, they could be thought forms, they could be all sorts of things. And there are some very strange things out there, and also you will look at something which may seem very frightening to you, but it’s a person, a giant spider for example, may be very frightening, and yet they are very soft and gentle. And on the other hand you could get a docile kitten that is just the opposite. So these are things that you have to just be aware of.


So when you meet the various entities in astral, in travel, etc., do not look at the picture of what you see, sense who they are, and sense them. You will sense their souls quite easily, and you will sense their intention towards you.


S: Energy, yeah.


Spirit: Yes, you will tap into their energy very quickly. Good. So it doesn’t matter when you see all of these different shapes, sizes and so on, your awareness is going to be very high, the awareness will change so that you are able to recognize the right sort of people. Now as you can imagine, there are hundreds and thousands of variations of different animals, entities, beings, whatever you want to call them, every conceivable one. Now in your particular Earth, spiders for example, are a scary feature to most people, and so are snakes. And yet on other planets they will be just the opposite. So you have to understand that everything outside of your planet does not always relate to your planet.


S: Not the same thing, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. Everything is so different out there and there is such a variety and you will be seeing this huge variety. Now you will be guided of course, there will be your normal guides looking after you, your gatekeepers, I don’t know if you have forgotten your five giant spiders, they will be looking after you, pointing you in the right direction so that you are able to see what you should, to sense what you should. Now again this is getting in a way far too much for you to accept straight away. I understand that you do believe it and so on, but it is such a lot of information and the reason we are trying to get it across to you as quickly as possible is to get you started on the road which you are going down.


It is starting now, don’t be concerned about what goes on in your life, just trust that we know what we are doing, pushing you in the right direction, etc. There is, you won’t have dark entities, you won’t be worried about those at all. You will see them and understand them in various other groups and you know that they are there but they cannot harm you as you know, but you will be able to recognise them because of the guides that are with you and your gatekeepers.


S: So, just perceiving them, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. And it is again not a matter of just saying these are bad entities, you must give everyone as you know the same amount of love that they will change eventually, but also you must understand that some will not be able to change yet because as you know everything is positive and negative so we need the negatives around and they need the experience of being negative.


S: And its choice, yeah.


Spirit: So yes, but you can just understand them far more that they are negatives and they do belong in that particular department over there.




1067 – Sharon will be working with nature



Now, I have one more, one more task and that is, that is a very solid grounding for you Sharon. Your future, of course, is sensing far more than this one. Your senses will heighten, be careful that you do not assume, trust only what you are able to confirm. Your sensing is very good but you will come across some things which you will assume to be this way because you have seen it before. So just be very careful with that. What you are doing is a huge amount of work, it is going to change a lot of people.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Now, the last thing I am going to leave you with is a part of your link to the earth. You have a collection of nature spirits. The nature spirits are basically working, it is like an army for you and they are all based around your feet, if you like. Again, symbolic, going in all directions, you have a huge connection to all of these nature spirits because of the work that you will be doing with nature. And as we  were discussing just now with climate change, the same thing is going to happen as when you meet a group of people, your thoughts will start to change the minds of that group. The same thing is going to happen with nature when you walk through a desert, you will think it should have water, as an example. Do you understand?


S: Mmm.


Spirit: So, as you have been tuning into the trees and the plants and the earth and the insects and so on, you will be sending out the right energy to do the right amount of healing and changes that is necessary. And as before, we will be working through you, that is why you have been given all these different colors, these different energies, and different understandings, which a lot of, I am sure you have forgotten already. Lol. So, when you come across a situation, it is just a matter of you must think the right way, that is all. We will help with everything else and we will make that happen.


S: Yeah. Yep. 


Spirit: So, Geoff is going to develop a different way, which we will go into a little bit later, but that is the main thing that you will be doing. Working together right now is fine, you are all, you are both learning what the next steps will be, etc. But your future will expand into this nature and it is also a beautiful position to be in. A beautiful position to be in.


S: Yeah, I love that. Yeah.


Spirit: So, that is energy. Lol.


S: Lol.


Spirit: Yeah, pretty exciting. There is a little more to it, but more for another day. You have too much to absorb at the moment. And this weekend you will be able to just consolidate a little bit, just to relax, because every day we are coming and talking and advising and putting in information and so on, and you actually need just to chill.


S: Yeah. This weekend I am going to create some of the things I want to create and it is going to use nature. So, I’ll play with nature this weekend.


Spirit: Good. And when you do that, don’t forget to just tune in and let us put the information in for you.


S: Mmm. Okay.


Spirit: Okay, that is all we have for now. So, I will leave you.


S: Thank you, thank you.

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