Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1077 A King from 10th Century

G: Now, I have somebody here who looks like an old-fashioned English king. He’s got a ginger beard, he’s a bit of a warrior, I don’t know…  I’m not sure what he wants to say. He’s showing me his throne. And the rooms of… The rooms of, like, the beauty and gold and that sort of thing.


This has to do with laying a foundation but a few centuries ago, so… It’s sort of back in the 10th. 12th or 15th century. They say, it doesn’t make any difference. You know, I’m thinking, if somebody was around 10 centuries ago, they would have evolved.


S: Yeah.


G: But he’s… the same as different people. They showing me sort of steps. Each step is like a generation. Oh, okay.


We mustn’t assume that when you finish one life, you go to the next level.


S: Yes


Spirit: And you don’t become reincarnated in the next 10, 20, 50, 100 years. Time, of course, is totally different.


S: Time. I was going to say, time is different.


King: So, in my days, where we had kings who controlled the land, we controlled the religion, we controlled the taxes, what people did, everybody bowed down to the king. The king was as good as God. There were various religions that started over the years, and everybody had to follow those religions. There was no dance about that. So they were very much suppressed, and they were very much controlled. And what this did was it created a foundation of, let’s say, having a hard life, having an apprenticeship. It was a starting point before you got into living and looking after yourself, and progressing and evolving and so on. It was the first starting point where you progressed.


Now, in a lot of cases, these people would pass over, and then they would reincarnate, maybe 100, sometimes 200 years’ time. The reason I’m telling you this is because you don’t go from Grade 1 to Grade 2 to Grade 3 to Grade 4. We have to have a variety in this particular time period of people who are still in Grade 1. Also some people from Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and so on. So some will progress, 1,2,3,4, 5, and others will jump from 1 to 5. They may jump from 1 to 5 and fail, others will jump from 1 to 5 and succeed, because we need that variety. So a lot of people who are on this planet at the moment, this is what now you can understand people who are just not the brightest, the best way to put it. Lol.


So, again we need this correct mixture so that we get…


S: The balance.


King: Yeah, the positive, the negative and the middle. So in this generation that’s happening now, you are getting people who are still from maybe 10 centuries ago.


S: So, we’ve all done the stupid’s because they’re unaware. Lol.


King: Very politely put, yes quite right. Now if you could come back to my day, which is almost a thousand years ago, the people before that, in the thousand years preceding when I reigned, was from Jesus’ days, up until, let’s just call it, the first thousand years, they were very primitive. If you went back prior to Jesus’ days for two, three, four thousand years, the people then were just starting to grow, they were starting to count on their fingers, and they were used to living a very primitive life. And then they got to the end of the first thousand years, and they learnt quite a bit, but it’s very, very slow learning.


S: Yeah.


King: Now the situation where you are now, in this particular century, just in the last 200 years, your growth has been amazing, because suddenly people have had the ability to develop a little bit more, a little bit more. And with technology opening up, and the availability, like at the moment you have your internet, and communication around the world, that was unheard of 50 years ago. And that’s why everything is speeding up. And when that speeds up, the people themselves, they have to keep up with it.


S: Yeah.


King: But you’re going to get the same thing. Some will keep up with it, others will say, oh that’s a new technology, it’s just not for me.


S: They will just give up, yeah.


Spirit: I prefer to, yeah, to stick to the old-fashioned way. And as you saw only a couple of weeks ago, with your visit to the church down the coast, where the older people are quite happy to stay in their particular field, and think their own way, they don’t want to advance. Now that is going to help with the change. So when the change happens, they will be left behind, and they will pass on very shortly. And that era will finish, and the new era will carry on with the new people.


Many things have passed that will not be needed again, disciplines, executions, what we thought was the right thing to do in those days. Those have changed around the world, quite dramatically. In the new generation, there’s only one or two countries that still actually use severe disciplines for punishment and control.


But, that is all gone by the wayside. Many other things have now gone by the wayside, and as you can imagine, when we look back on caveman days, we don’t need people who are that primitive anymore. The same with in my era, we don’t need people who were as primitive in my era, in your era, 1000 years later.


S: No.


King: Only a few. We need a few, of course, to see the difference and so on. So, that I’m sure was very enlightening, albeit a little bit confusing. Just a little bit more information.


S: Absolutely.


King: So I’m going to leave that with you, and pass you on to the next person. Thank you.


S: Absolutely, thank you.  



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