Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1081 Monk has an understanding of life, and needs nothing more

G: I have a throne, a very ornate throne at the end of building. And I seem to be in a palace which is very ornamental. So, it’s all a bit barren, except for at the end there is one colorful, gold plated sort of throne. The person I am seeing here is a monk.


Okay, so I’ve gone up to the throne. And I’ve sat almost with him. And looked at the surroundings, and in front of me is this huge room. It’s all barren. There’s no ornaments, no pictures, it’s just very, very plain. But the throne we’re sitting on is gold plated and there is all sorts of gems and sparkles and all the power is there. And I’m trying to get what he’s saying.


What he’s saying is you don’t need anything out there. Okay, yeah, you don’t need anything out there. You don’t need to have assets and nice things and so on. It’s your inner self which is where everything is.


Monk: And sitting on this throne, I have all that’s in me. I have this amazing understanding of life. I have these experiences I’ve gone through. I can now understand what life is about. I can sit here and I can look at the world and understand how the world works. And I don’t need any of that. I don’t need anything else except this tremendous understanding that I have. And that is achieving what I want to achieve.


I hope for the two of you that the same will occur. That you can have the belief in what you’re doing and this will be shown to you day after day. And it will build up bit by bit and it will take time to build up. But as it builds up, you’ll become more and more appreciative. Or, yes, appreciative is the right word. More and more appreciative of what you have, what you are experiencing, what you are giving to others, what you are learning, how you are evolving. It’s all to do with where you are. The outside world, or the rest of the world that you communicate with, is whatever you create, whatever you want it to be. Nothing out there belongs to you. You already have it all inside you. That makes sense.


S: Yes, absolutely.


Monk: I just thought I would add that as one more thing from another religion, if you like, another method of understanding and I look forward to working with you in the future.


S: Thank you. Thank you so much.



G: Wow. Tremendous amount of love for that guy. He was trying to say that he’s got everything he needs. He’s got fulfilment, everything inside him. And that is what we’re going for. That is what you can end up being, doing. This fulfillment that everything you want is there.


S: Yes.


G: Gees. A long way to go but. That was a monk.


S: A beautiful energy.


G: Mmm. Now, there’s other stuff here but I’m going to leave it for tonight. Ok, they’ll do it again tomorrow. It’s all a bit too much. It’s all happening at once. Let it sink in and tomorrow we will do some more. How you doing over there?


S: Yeah. Geez.


G: I mean, it gets more mind blowing by the day.


S: Mind blowing. That was just everything I’ve been trying to put out there with all the postings. It was all of that and all of that. And it was just to say yes and yes. And it just actually makes everything so simple because we’ve got everything. Let’s just find the little nails to just tap the nails in. To just put the ducks in a row or whatever. This is mind blowing. Beautiful.


G: Yeah.


S: I felt, … I can’t remember. At first you were just talking and I felt this incredible connection with everything. Everything. Everything.


G: Yes, I got the same. It’s overwhelming.

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