Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1403 – Too many lies now – truth is coming with the change

G: Now, what I’m looking at now is a lot of negativity. Again, symbolic. If you can imagine a merry-go-round at a fair. The merry-go-round is going round and round quite comfortably, and everybody’s happy. And when you go underneath it, and then going down five or ten stories, there is a lot of black machinery. That’s the way they are showing me.


So, this is something to do with negativity being created, or used, or changed, while things all look pretty good on the surface. So, again, it’s to do with change. We know, so it’s a change looking good, but we just got to understand what this negativity is, and how it’s connected to a change.


S: It’s all the lies.


G: Yes, it could be lies.


Spirit: Change, yes, you’re quite right. Yes, it’s basically lies to see change, and so on. Now, when this change happens, as you know, you’ve been talking about people just don’t trust anybody at the moment, because there’s been so much lies, cheating, deceit and so on.


So, as this change happens, what people are going to see is everything changing in the right direction, but also they can understand that there are all the lies that go with it. And these have to be removed. The people’s minds have to be changed. So, what they need to know, need to understand, is that in their life at the moment, is all this negativity, all this which shouldn’t be there. Everybody being so untruthful, if you like, everybody is out to scam the next person to make a quick buck, that sort of thing.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, all that has to be removed, because if you can remove that, it was, as you were discussing at the church a month or so ago, where honesty is the best policy. If we had a world where everybody was honest, of course that would be the utopia. So, it’s that sort of thing. We’ve got to change, or you have got to change people’s thinking as this change happens in the earth. And when you start that, what is so important is if people, for instance, tell lies today, they will believe that you tell lies, because it’s a reflection of themselves. So, this is what has to change.


So, once you’re out there with the people, and they see you, and they trust you, and so on, then that will help them become much better people, and live the correct way, and therefore one moves on to the next, and so it starts to spread.


S: Yeah, absolutely.


Spirit: That’s going to happen.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: So, once you can get all this changed, then the merry-go-round can continue to go happily. And all lies will fall away, beneath.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Very good.


Now, there’s still somebody around here. Just trying to see who… There will be a lot of people watching this event, a lot of souls who have crossed over, who have been in this sort of position before, but while in this position, they became.. You call them bad guys. They were the guys being dishonest, taking advantage, telling lies, etc. They made a mess of it. And they were the people that were punished when the change did take place. Now, they’re punished in a variety of different ways, by going bankrupt, suicides, all sorts of things, but it wasn’t a pleasant ending for any of them. And what’s happened is, all of these people, and we’re talking about millions and millions of souls, have crossed over over the years, from different planets, different areas, different time zones, and what they would like to do is come and watch.


So, you will see them in a distance, as a huge, you’ll see them first of all as a negative force, then you will see them as a happy negative force.  Lol. There are so many ways that they can learn. They can go back into history, they can go over it, where it’s happened before, in a different planet. But here, you’re going through something in a time sequence.


S: Yeah


Spirit: Although, all time is now, this they will see as something that hasn’t happened yet. And they will look at it, and understand, and see the much bigger picture, how it is all happening. And you’ll be affecting the whole world, if you like. You will be affecting this whole group of people, who will then be able to take it back to their higher selves, and they will progress their own ways, etc. So, it’s…


S: Talk about a ripple effect.


Spirit: Lol. Yes. Everything is lessons within lessons. Lol.


S: Yes


Spirit:  Again, we’re just explaining and showing you the bigger, bigger, bigger picture of everything that’s going on. So, the change is going to be quite an event. An awful lot can be happening for an awful lot of people. I think that is a very good time to finish for this evening. lol.


S: It’s beautiful.


Spirit: And once more, I thank you and goodnight.


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