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1404 – Floods in Pakistan creates energy

G: Alright, there’s obviously going to be a lot of turmoil. And one of the things which will, I can’t see if it’s going to be good or bad at the moment, but one of the things that will show us is how it happens somewhere else, not to us. The feeling of people in the area when drama happens somewhere else is, okay, we saw that in the news, it’s happening in Russia for example. It’s not affecting me right here.


S: Yeah, that’s right.


G: And they tend not to react. Now, if they all reacted simply with energy, that’s all they would need and they could solve an awful lot of problems. But that’s just not happening at the moment. That’s what people need to do. There are some major crises about to happen.


Now, you see, some of this I’ve seen on the news. I want to just say what they’re telling me and sometimes it relates to what’s on the news as well. The Pakistan floods is one of the big ones.


S: Yeah.


G: That’s devastated a huge area. There’s going to be so many people running out of food, that’s a big thing. Because of the floods, there’s nowhere they can get food from and there’s nowhere to get food. People can’t get food to the outlying districts. And we’re not talking about a few hundred people being cut off. You’re talking about a couple of million people. When you get something that big, it is just an impossible task to feed them.


S: Oh gosh.


Spirit: And if you take people that can’t last more than a week without food and water, the water is there, it’s going to get infected very quickly. That will cause an awful lot more damage. But there will be people who will survive that and people will starve. But what it will do is create. You imagine those people, let’s say 10% of them die, which is quite expected, and the rest survive. But they survive by having just a week, one week, with no food, no water. Now they’ve lost their homes, they’ve probably lost friends around them, they’ve lost their children, family, etc. They’re going to know people that have lost families.


S: And the energy is built up.


Spirit: Yeah. But what’s going to happen with the people that are left behind? And we are talking about, let’s say one and a half million people who have had a week of starvation, they’ve lost everything from A to Z. Now how are they going to feel? And what they’re going to feel is they’ve survived. It’s not going to be, I hate the world, why me Lord, etc.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. But what’s even better is it’s going to form a group energy. We were all in this together, we survived together, we will rebuild together.


S: Exactly.


Spirit: So that becomes a very big plus.

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