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1409 – Alien visitors with just eyes, all comms and emotions through the eyes only

Spirit: Let me just see if there’s one more. Now I have something which is most unusual for you. It looks like eyes in the dark. Like when it’s pitch dark and a cat opens its eyes, you can see the eyes. So, you can imagine these eyes but they are green with a yellow stripe down the middle. A bit like cats eyes, but they are green. I’ve got dozens of these all around, watching the two of you.


S: Shew.


Spirit: But there is no body attached. Lol. There is simply the eye. Lol.


S: No thoughts, feelings, emotions, nothing, just the eye.


Spirit: Well, think about this. What do they need to come here? What sort of body could they have where they live and why would they show us just their eyes? Now, they would try and show you Sharon, their eyes. Visualize it and what you visualized is correct. Now, just concentrate on all of them for a minute. Concentrate on all the eyes and then tell me what you feel.


S: I can feel energy moving from left to right, definitely.


Spirit: Mm-hmm. Are the eyes good or bad?


S: Good.


Spirit: Very good. And what do you sense they eyes have? What emotions do you feel from them? Energy?


S: I kind of imagine it is searching, reaching and asking, sort of.


Spirit: Mmm-hmm. Now, take just two of those eyes and look at each one and see how they can be different, if they are different.


S: Mmm. It can be fear. I can feel they are all different but everyone is trying to feed off the same energy, or each other’s energy.


Spirit: It’s a very big mixture. Lol. And this is how they travel. You see, we…


S: I’m getting the one, then there’s two more eyes, oh, you feeling this, you feeling that, you feeling that, you feeling that, you feeling that, okay, ummmmm.. Lol.


Spirit: Right. So, if you take an advanced civilization, you know the human civilization and so on. And you can see all these, what you term aliens, can have all different ways of experiencing themselves in different types of physical body. And then you know there’s the mental side, which is just colors.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, this race has decided that they don’t need a physical body, but this is all they need just for identification. So, all the emotions that you would have and understanding are all in your eyes.


S: Absolutely. It’s beautiful though.


Spirit: Absolutely, yes.


S: It’s beautiful.


Spirit: Because you look in their eyes and you see questions and then you see answers and then you see this and then you see fear and then you see that. And you can tell it all from the eyes.


Spirit: Yes.


S: There’s the eyes and here, they say that the eyes are a window to the soul.


Spirit: Absolutely. And this is what they have. All the emotions, just looking at the eyes, you can feel all the emotions they have.


S: Oh my word.


Spiritual: So, you can hold a conversation with energy.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Just with this energy going backwards and forwards.


S: Yes. Just looking at each other. That’s why in our country, well in our world,  they say look into the person’s eyes when you are talking to them.


Spirit: That’s right. Eyes are the window of the soul.


S: Because if you can’t look into someone’s eyes, there’s a falsity about you.


Spirit: That’s right. Lol


S: Yeah. So amen to that.


Spirit: Mmm. So, these were just coming along just to lighten the mood a little bit because you’ve had a lot of negative energy.


S: That was beautiful. And happy and smiling and scared and fearful and worried. And I’m like oh my gosh.


Spirit: Absolutely. Well, you see all the…, everything is relevant. In their particular world, they are very well developed. But everything is relevant and it’s just you get a high and a low but at different levels.


S: That’s beautiful.


Spirit: But they like to travel like this. And they like to show themselves to people like this. They like to see each other like this. Because they can recognize in each other all the different things. The same as we were saying, we are just colours. We just see this myriad of colours. Just different people.


S: That’s is beautiful.


Spirit: You get these beautiful eyes. Lovely. So, they are going to give you a group goodbye. And group love.


S: Thank you.


Spirit: And off they go. Very simple.


S: That was beautiful.


Spirit: Lovely. So, that is it for this evening. Thank you very much once again. And we will visit again tomorrow.


S: Thank you, thank you. And good night.


Spirit: And good night.


S: Good night.


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