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1447 Scooting around the energies of the UK Counties

G: Now I was trying to move away from there, and I think we are doing the same thing as we were doing the other day. Where we scoot around different countries, but this time we are going to scoot around different counties in England. Because there’s a lot of counties I think of, where automatically you get a colour or a feeling or a sense for what are the good ones, the bad ones.


S: Mmm.


G:  And I started off by looking at a place called Yeovil. Yeovil is also a very nice energy. And then Dorchester, and Dorchester was a more family orientated energy, and of course there was Corfe Castle, where years ago there was a lot of defense going on, there were no real wars.


And if we go down to Cornwall, Cornwall is very comfortable. And the next one is Devon, that’s very comfortable. Going North, Bristol is very not so good. And then Hampshire is okay. Hereford is very nice, Oxford is nice, Essex is not. Norfolk is not. Lincoln is not.


Now if you go up to the Midlands, Manchester, Birmingham, Leamington, Leicester, all of those are very, like troubled areas. Or they are middle of the road. It’s as if you’ve got learners there, beginners, that’s what it feels like. And that’s the sort of energy, I think they are starting to grow.


Up in the North, the North East is very much industrial. I know they are very sort of nice people, but there are very sort of rough people with a hard life etc. And that’s very negative and on the opposite side of the West Coast, North West. When you’ve got the Lake District and so on, that’s very peaceful.


If you come down, you go across to Wales, and Wales is very, Wales are like working class, but very family orientated. And around the coast, Wales is nothing special. It’s winter on the beach all the time. Nothing special there.


And then let’s go across to London and the South. Now, down the bottom end you’ve got Brighton,  which we know is very gay, lol. Essex is very troubled. You’ve got the Thames there, and London itself, is very, very… Ahhh, cosmopolitan, heaving, changing all the time.


As you come down to the right-hand side of London, down below Essex, it becomes countryside Surrey, Sussex. Nice open cornfields, sunshine, etc. Lovely atmosphere, nice view. And that’s about it.


That’s very interesting. When you think of a name, when you name a County, you can actually see a sort of vibration around it.


S: Energy, yeah.


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