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1462 5 Mayan ladies to help giving clarity and understanding to the youth.

G: Now, It’s like a normal village, and this group seem to be Mayans.


S: Oh wow.


G: You know, the Incas Mayans?


S: Yeah.


G: They seem to be Mayans, old Mayan ladies. And there’s no great temple there. It’s just there’s a couple of houses out in the bundu. You know, thatch, sort of mud and thatch houses. Very primitive. And they’re talking. So, I’m going to, both of us are going to go across and talk.


Okay, they were here when the Mayans were here. And the Mayans was another, we’ll call it unsuccessful because they disappeared eventually. They came and they went. They got the information that they wanted, etc. But they gained a lot of information. It’s sort of virgin information, if you like, because it was tried out on a group of people who no longer exist. So, this information has not been passed down from one century to the next, one generation to the next, as normal. So, it’s basic information which they found out and they discovered, which they would pass on to their children. And this little group of women have stayed here to help with the change of the earth.


These happened a few times, but not changes of the earth, but changes have happened in groups. And they’ve stayed behind to help with these particular groups to give them raw, basic, new information to evolve with. Instead of peppered with information from the past and slightly wrong information and so on. So, it’s nice and fresh and so on.


So, now I’m going to see if I can see a bit more of what they… Okay. Right. Religions have been passed on from one generation to the next, parents pass it on to their children and so on. Now, what’s happened is that these religions have stuck around, not just in the parents to children, but in posters and churches and beliefs and books and writings and movies and a whole lot.


And so, it’s been screwed up a little. We need a better word for that. Adjusted slightly as it’s gone on. Now, so what they want to do is, there’s going to be a space cleared. Now, they don’t want this to carry on and be corrected. If it’s carried on and corrected, it still has this negative influence from the past, the could be’s etc.


So, with the changes happening, there’s going to be a lot of spaces created where people are going to come to the end of their tether with their religion and they’re going to look around and say, what is new? What can I now change to? It’ll be a complete change. So, that’s where the space comes in. And then, it’s this new type of religion or understanding of life, which they’ve brought, will start from there. And it is a very basic format because when they came down to colonize the particular area they were in, they obviously brought down their spaceships and bits and pieces and things that they needed to put everybody here. But then, all those disappeared and they were left with just the basics to start again and that is what they did. And they started again and it was only after a long time, about 300 years, did they start to build because they had to evolve, first of all, and they had to know, besides where to eat, what to get, how to live, how to survive, they had to learn how to integrate with one another on a system where there’s been no integration beforehand. So, it was like putting people here, let’s just say they’re all 18 to 20 years old, but they all didn’t have any previous experience growing up to simplify matters.


So, part of the exercise was to start again and see how they evolved socially and how they evolved from one generation to the next with a new starting point. So, these ladies have, there is five of them, and they have this starting point and that information, they’ve stayed here to help others and they’re especially going to help both of us to understand and utilise this particular way of doing things. Now, it’s not going to be on everything because people are evolving at different levels all the time, but there is a specific level where it’s more of the youth coming through that are reaching a comfortable age where they’re able to start to think for themselves. Because of all the turmoil that will be happening with this change of the earth, religion is going to be pushed to the extreme on one side with the people saying, why me Lord, etc., on the other side saying, there is no God that doesn’t care about us, etc. So, those are your two extremes. And when this finishes, then the kids that we’re looking at are going to be in their 18, 20s, 25s, etc., and they’re going to be looking around and they’re going to be looking for clarity and they’ll get this basic clarity and you can add on to that clarity.


It’s a simplified understanding of life and how we should treat one another and how we should behave. Because, don’t forget, in the Mayan days there was no outside influences of international trade or planes or whatever. It was everybody living in one giant village which became a city and so there was only a hierarchy that was created from the beginning, right from scratch. So, there was no kings, for example. They were diplomats. The people voted for them, basically. The people decided who the good guys were, who was best to lead the tribe, who the wise elders were, who were the good healers. And they grew as a tribe where there was no real hierarchy. The person who was best, somewhat similar to the Red Indians, the person who was best at being a stone mason heeded the building and who was the best healer,  they did that.


Now, along the way they made a lot of mistakes as well. Those mistakes they’ve now taken out of this equation. They’re certainly not going to pass that information on. But it was a very comfortable scenario because of this starting at a much lower level. Now, we can have that information. They’re going to help us pass it on, etc. And what I’ve asked them is why did it fail? Why did they go back, etc.? They said, no, it didn’t really fail. Their race, the Mayans, where they come from, as aliens, for example, they’re much more advanced than we are down here.


So, what it was for them was a simple exercise. The same as today, your scientists and looking at test tube babies and cloning things and so on. It was the same for them. They wanted to bring down, they had this idea of starting a little group and let’s start them with these sorts of parameters, these sort of benefits and abilities and see how that develops. It might grow into a nicer race than the one we did last week or the week before. So, for them it was just an experiment. Although, it lasted a few thousand years. Well, not even a few thousand, it was less than a few hundred years. So, they watched it grow, they watched it not get out of control. They watched it accelerate very fast and they saw the direction it was going in and that’s all they needed to know. And then they simply took the people back, which is a very simple exercise, as you know, and they left everything there. And what was left behind was all the information that had been created by the Mayans. And there was a lot of hieroglyphics and things left in tombs and so on. There wasn’t much writing, funny enough, but there was a lot of carvings,


S: And drawings, yeah.


G: Yeah, carvings and drawings and so on. There should have been a lot more documentation because they had the ability to create paper in those days, but there wasn’t much left about that.


S: But the energy and the memories were stored?


Spirit: Yes, they were all stored and these temples, of course you’ve seen the big square temples that they created, that is exactly the same as the pyramids. It’s an energy source, so to first of all keep all the energy, to use energy to create things, it cannot be accessed by anybody.


But it’s getting everybody on this planet because, first of all, they don’t have the ability. Secondly, because it’s way inside and way down in the earth. So, again, the same as the pyramids where they’re inverted, etc. So, a lot of the information is  kept there and just used for future use whenever.


Now, these ladies cannot tap into all of that because it’s far too much and it is not what is needed for development on this particular planet. But they can tap into all the basics and it was a basic few, couple of hundred, three hundred years of original growth which was successful. And then it started to get a little bit out of hand because they seemed to have, their abilities improved a little bit too fast. So, they grew too fast, they were educated too fast, they got knowledge too fast, simply because they were taking knowledge from where they shouldn’t, from upstairs, from the main tribe. So the Mayan’s, we’ll call them Mayan aliens, were adjusting the people as they grew.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Which they shouldn’t have done, they should have simply left them to evolve. And with all this adjusting, suddenly it was, well, it’s not quite right, it’s getting out of hand, so we better close the whole thing down. And that is exactly what they did. So, they left the information there for future generations and when future generations are able to access the ability or reach the ability that the Mayan’s had in those days, then they’ll be able to access that information. But really it was just a successful and unsuccessful project.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, these women left behind, there are five of them, they are quite happy to help, and they show themselves as old grannies, if you like, living a very simple, comfortable life. And that is the energy that they portray, is that of a granny that just wants to hug the children, and a wise old granny, and so on. But they have a lot of this knowledge, etc. The name I can’t really get, it’s a long name beginning with A, something like Aritone, or something along those lines. They say that’s not important.


And we’ll recognize them by their multi-colors that they wear all the time, and they’ll always be the five of them. And they’re dressed from hoods right down to their ankles and it’s all brightly colored stuff. And they say thank you for listening, understanding, and there are other people that they are talking to on this planet who do the same thing, who are going to help with the change, etc. And there are a lot of people they have spoken to in the past, and so their community is very satisfying. And they stayed behind in this satisfying environment, but they said there’s far more to it than that, because they have different abilities and they can go to different places, and this is just one of the places where they help out.


S: That is super cool.


Spirit: Thank you for letting us talk.


S: Thank you.



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