Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

951 March 2022   Teaching people to think the right way

 Geoff starts and a Guide takes over – Sharon is there too.

Let’s go to our peace Centre next to the stream. Let’s see if you can pick up some energy there, see if we can connect. Right, I am at the edge of  the waterfall, looking down, we are sitting on the edge of the waterfall and the water is going past us and straight down. In front of us, there is a waterfall coming in our direction. At the whole thing is collapsing. The mountain is coming down, the whole thing is collapsing in front of us. This is either our past or where we are now sitting on top of the waterfall. It’s quite comfortable now, we’ve got this beautiful water, we’re sitting in it, it’s flowing past us. It drops down to our feet. We are sitting here very comfortably, watching all this happen. We start off feeling as if we are involved in the waterfall on the other side. Because it is happening right in front of us. But then we realise it is not. We are sitting on top of our own waterfall. It could mean that some disaster is going to happen. But we are not involved. The water gushing past us and flowing down, is washing away all the negativity from the other waterfall. It’s like the world is going to have a huge disaster. The world is in turmoil. And it’s all going to be pushed away. The world is a big mess at the moment, it is an absolute turmoil. It’s a huge mess, financial, covid, riots, floods, the Ukrainian War, and nobody is doing anything. The whole thing is going to collapse, fall apart, reach a conclusion. And when that happens. Everybody has to start again and when that happens, that is when we start to teach the right way and build things. Start a  new, clear life.

This doesn’t help us at the moment, but they are saying do not be afraid. This is all going to happen. There is nothing that you can do about it, it is going to happen. So what you have to do is make the best of what you have. It may not be a lot at the moment, but it’s a lot better than it was, if you think about it. You are going in the right direction. It’s just going to take a little bit of time to be able to work properly, the way you imagine it to be. But if you keep going in that direction, you will eventually get there.

We are now looking at money, and there is a gap between now and when this turmoil reaches its conclusion. And that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I can see it as white water. There is nothing negative there, which surprises me. I think it is because a lot of people are in the same boat. There is a lot more understanding about the state the world is in, there is a lot more leniency. It’s just a matter now of nobody starting to build anything or be constructive because it’s a matter of waiting for it to be over before they start to become constructive .

They are showing me a lot of destruction, upturned trucks, buildings bombed, loss of lives. They are saying that the turmoil has got to reach a peak. This is so that the bad guys can be destroyed and the good guys can be left behind. It’s those people that will start to work the right way, with the right energies.

(Guide takes over) Time of course is totally different here compared to where you are. So we cannot say if this is going to happen in the next week or month or year. But it is going to happen and when you chose this, you knew it was going to happen. It is what you wanted to experience. But of course with free will and the time, everything on earth is totally different. But what we will do is protect your interests. We will make sure that you are looked after, and meet the right people and so on. Until you can participate fully in building the right way of thinking for people on this planet. My advice to you would be to continue, as you are.. You are creative, you are thinking of ideas, thinking of ways to get around things. and if you look at what you have achieved, just in the last few months, how you have managed to think and move in the right direction. And get things done, and something always turns up, at the last minute. We will help there, where we can; and we would like you to be as comfortable as possible, as peaceful as possible, as calm as possible. Knowing full well, that what you chose in this life will actually come to pass, you just have to wait till we get there. And when it does happen, you will start to grow in this new world, this new way of thinking, this new growth, and you will be very comfortable and very happy in what you do.. Without times and predictions I think that is the best I can do and I hope that brings you some comfort.  know that we will always be with you, you have a lot of  guides looking after you. The work that you are going to do in the future is far more than you realise, and you will have a lot of  guides helping you. And you will have access to unbelievable energy. That you will be able to use to make the right decisions, the right changes. what you have been learning throughout this life, is simply to make the right decisions. so I will leave you with that.

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