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16th April 2022 Nature shares negative energy

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Both talk to Verna/Mom (Geoff’s wife) who crossed over 3 months ago)

Mom seems to be back in the same place, across the other side in our peace centre. So we cross over the river and go towards her.

G: Why does Spirit always show us something weird?

M: It’s to get you into it.  You have to say what you see, that’s the main reason.

G: Because we know you, you can talk to us easily. So why would you need to show us symbols?

M: Because if it’s something you see and it’s straightforward, you don’t know whether it’s your mind or something that you would want to remember or would like to remember.  So, if we created it. So it leads you into it. Then you are more sure of what you see.

S: I have been battling to get into this meditation and create my peace centre. And looking up, I have all this “Mom” energy coming down, and it’s making it easier and easier.

G: There’s a huge forest here. Assuming it’s the amazon again. Half of the forest is of trees that have been felled and they are lying down and there’s a huge waterfall in the background.

S: The waterfall is bringing energy for the air.

G: It’s about people creating negative energy. People hear about the rainforest; they think negatively and that energy goes out and it joins up around the area which is being affected. So above it you get this huge cloud of negative energy. So the next person that goes along there will see even more and so on. That is the way to show it more and more to people, to get it out there, recognised.

So, what is the purpose of the waterfall? When we have all this man-made negative energy above the area.

S: The waterfall is positive energy that flows down.  When all the molecules rub together and it goes up into the air to dissipate the negative energy.

G: Yes, good, so what they want to do is create the correct balance there.  And that is how it is done. They want to show it, as it actually is. Then we can understand, how it is. Then rectify it and do whatever is needed. If we were shown an exaggerated picture, we would respond differently.

G: Now there are 2 underground drains. The drains are in the middle of the forest.  I am going into one. It’s empty, metal, like a rusty metal. It also runs ‘up’ a hill and down the other side. Which doesn’t make sense, unless it’s used for something like air. 

S: It’s used for air to remove negative energy in the earth? While the waterfall works on the air.

G: so if a tree is chopped down, the stump is left to rot. If it is uprooted, the roots are lifted and broken. This creates a lot of negative nature energy. That is looked after by Diva’s basically. There are various sizes of Diva’s. You get the tiny Diva’s and then bigger ones looking after the smaller ones. As they get more experienced, they get bigger and bigger.

S: is it linked to the memories of the roots of all the trees as a group energy possibly?

G: And maybe shared. Positive and negative are kept in different places and balance is created in between. This is the way it is shared in the earth.  If you have a massive forest and 10% of it is destroyed, that 10% would create negative energy, and if shared amongst the other 90%, then it wouldn’t feel much at all. They would also have the memories of what happened in that particular area. So sharing the energy means that they can understand better how to deal with it, when it happens in the future.


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