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19th March 2022 Scary energies and bringing them to life. Creating Religions

19th March 2022 Religions and how we create them ~  and creating Indian Gods. Geoff chats to an old Knight about Religions and magic

I have a knight in front of me, he has a beard, a big sword in front of him pointing down to the ground. we have met this man before. Years ago, Steve, mom and I did a meditation. we came across a knight who was protecting a castle in Ireland. And when he died, he stayed behind to continue to protect the Castle. He would not leave the castle, he created scary spirits to scare people away, so that he could continue to protect the Castle.

He is here now, and keen to talk to us. It is about religion. He started off showing me a lot of his funny Creations etc. He says with religions; a lot of these images are created simply through “thought is creation” in the beginning. When somebody starts a religion, and let’s say they talk about the devil, and every time somebody or everybody thinks about the devil they create that image of the devil, this becomes a thought form, and it groups together, and eventually creates an image, and it  can materialize. This is where your leprechaun and all these things come from. and a lot of religions create these, or they are created because of the basis of religion, and we talk here mainly of India, which has over 600 Gods. And although the Gods were basically created right from the beginning, they become thought forms which people can almost see. And they can see the same thing, when they dream about it at night, or meditate on it. They will all see the same sort of image. now, it can be good and it can be bad. If it is good, it creates a positive Energy. and that can be used. if it is bad, it can be used as a deterrent.

So, who would have a bad energy? let’s start with them and understand what black magic is. Ok, there are several types of magic. dark magic, he says is the creation, first of all, of all these images. but then what happens is, because it is a negative Creation, you get poltergeists and the bad guys that have not crossed over, etc. And you also get the thought forms in the greylands that have merged together to create a negative image. And they start to use the dark magic with the people that are worshiping them.

S: So, any negative energy, is pulled towards that negative energy.

Yes. Like attracts like. and that is why they have an energy which can be used. so the black magic can create negative energy which can be used against people. now you have the same thing in Haiti, where you have these idols Raising the Dead, and so on. you have got a lot of it in African tribes. And this is just another form of learning.

S: Aiden (13-year-old Son)  asked the other day if demons exist. I said pretty much the same thing, that there is negative energy, and the energy builds up there, negativity is drawn to negativity, and it builds up. And then you get white lights and positive Energy, which nothing can get through.

G: Right, and the negative energy will only work, if you believe it will work. But the main thing is these creations, these  groups and thought forms, that come together and create an energy or an entity; this is not a living soul, as a spirit or a soul is. It is simply a creation of negative energy. so your demons that people talk about are not real people, but they are created negative energies. so now you can see how this all fits together with all the different religious groups. they are all creating their own gods, and it is all different forms of energy. now, when it is used in a positive manner, for instance, praying to Jesus etc, that creates a positive Energy. which opens up channel to spirit. where you have a negative energy, it basically opens up the channel to an entity, where negative energy is stored.

That would explain how all your different religions can work together, in two different ways, positive or negative.. now it depends on what they have been taught, their upbringing, as to how they will see that particular religion and they will continue with it or they will change it.

As humans evolve, so does religion. and if you go back to the days of 6000 years ago and 2000 years ago when Jesus was here, and so on. there were very few religions. there was a basic religion for the whole community. then another one started and then another one, and it just started to break down, now the reason for that, is because there are so many possibilities, that as society develops, if their religion is starting to go off track, somebody will break away and start a similar religion with a few different changes, and these keep on changing and growing and evolving.

S: And it’s simply from what they believe, their belief system.

Yes, so where you get a new religion, it is created by two people who believe that they are doing the right thing and although it may be a bit astray, it is the right thing because they believe they are doing the right thing

S: So, as long as it is creating a positive Energy, that is what is the most important thing

Correct. I’m now getting a house of worship, or a church. and this is where you create a build-up of energy. people going to church, are going there, believing that they are doing the right thing, and that creates a huge positive Energy and therefore, people who go who have problems, go to that church and can pick up  the positive energy. Which they assume is Jesus or God healing them.

S: Which makes them feel better. And then they believe more and so they create more of the energy and so it goes on.

G: Yes, and that is how it works. If you imagine too much is created, too much positive Energy,  a lot of good can be done, and that is where miracles can occur. but in general, the Miracles are limited and controlled by spirit. and they are Limited, so as not to be seen as too much, but enough to keep people guided and on the right path.

I did want to look at the Muslim religion, so maybe they will tell us a little bit about that. Now, the Muslim religion was created a long time ago, and a lot of it was just a lot of little notes, scribblings and writings. It wasn’t until years later that it was put together  into a book. The biggest thing about that, is that is has never changed. their belief is that this is perfect and therefore it has not changed. so what they’re trying to do is justify, instead of changing it, how that particular clause or paragraph or whatever, can relate to the current situation. Muslims are very dedicated in their religion and their belief, and they believe in family and togetherness. they believe so strongly in their religion, that they have to make excuses for each problem that has arisen since the book was written.

S: This is so that they don’t see any wrong in it.

Correct. they believe that that is the true instructions that they have to run their religion. those that teach in the mosques, the Mullah’s, they can advise on the best way to interpret these particular passages in the Quran. And again, you  get the different Mullah’s in the different areas. that interpret different ways. but the original verse is still there, they will interpret it in different ways in different countries, but the original verse is still read in the same way. so that is how they get around that.

Ok I am now getting all these negative idols that have been used in the past. I’m walking amongst them to pick up their energies, these are entities. I’ve got into one now to feel the energy, it’s like they have all these frightening powers but there is no thought or justification or whatever for what he does, he just knows he can do it. it’s like scaring kids and they pick up the energy from people who are afraid of them.

S:So they can sense who is afraid and they can go to that energy and draw that energy

Yes, like attracts like. and they can scare them and they can do all sorts of things. they can appear in nightmares. I can walk around I can feel the energy, I know it’s quite safe, but it’s amazing to feel. and we wander down below to a darkness where there are dungeons,  and I can sense all the energy. I can’t see anything but I can sense all these funny strange energies, you can sense these dark evil things and what they want to do to people, and shapes they can create any shape and size.

The opposite of course when you come out, is you all have all the white lights, the angels and all the light energy.

S: It’s not a heavy dark energy, it’s just like scary, nasty energy, but not evil. And then to return to the beautiful bright light energy, love, purity and the two opposite energies. very interesting.

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