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20th March 2022 The different energies religions create.

20th March 2022. Religions man-made, more energies to sense different dimensions, for better, instant understanding and connection

Geoff and Sharon are being shown various scenarios. Sometimes Geoff talks through “Instant understanding” and sometimes Guides talk through him.

Ok, they are showing me a bit about religion now. When you go into a Catholic church, to get forgiveness; you go in there with a feeling of guilt, you have done something wrong and bad. And you ask for forgiveness, which, when you get it, gives you a satisfied feeling. So, there are two forms of energy created there: the guilt energy and the release of the guilt energy. Neither of them are very positive, they don’t cancel each other out. The guilt energy, keeps people going to the church, to get forgiveness. And the forgiveness energy, which creates a good energy, because then they believe in God, and they have been forgiven, and all is well. It’s not a very strong energy, but it is there.

Now we are in Thailand, where they have prayer wheels. People go to ask for help, to send messages to their loved ones, to get healing, for all sorts of things. What they do, is they run along a series of prayer wheels; they spin them, and with every spin, they believe it helps them, which creates this buildup of positive energy. But it also builds up an energy of acceptance. They spin the wheel and they really believe that it is happening for them. Far more than the Christians, who pray to God, hallelujah and so on. That is more of a ritual that they do, instead of really believing it.

S: yes, the Christians go in, ask for forgiveness, but they don’t believe, so it is still in their subconscious mind. Whereas the Thai people are walking up there with 100% belief that this is being fulfilled. It’s much more positive.

What happens is around these prayer wheels, are the temples, and in the temples are the Buddha’s and so on. And that is where the energy is stored. It is created and then stored there.. So, what happens when people go there? They ask, they go there believing and they draw in a lot of positive energy, which does help them, with healing, and with balancing their minds. Many problems they go there with, are simply problems that they have not thought through or they think it is much bigger than it actually is, instead of having a simple solution. So, they draw in a lot more energy, than a Christian religion. That is very nice.

Let’s look at the Indian religion. All the different idols they have. They pray to idols. And when they do that, the energy goes to the idols. The idols retain that energy, and it builds up and can be used at a different time. With the Muslims, they have Mohammed, which is their God, but their energy goes to the ayatollah, who runs the actual country, in most cases. They believe that he is the divine ruler, who connects with Mohammed and keeps the strict laws that Mohammed came up with. So, they believe in what they do, but their belief is not just with Mohammed, the belief is with the structure of the Muslim people and the laws. And the laws have never changed, since they were originally designed centuries ago. That is how they worship. Now, what that creates, is a very strong energy. And a very stubborn energy, because they are all putting in different information. But they are all believing, that all that information goes to one particular person, who then comes up with the right words, to keep the country on track, or whatever they are doing. So, they are great believers in the Ayatollah.

Now we are looking at aliens, galaxies, archangels and that sort of group. As we were discussing yesterday, it doesn’t matter what group they belong to, because they all sort of worship the same God, the same creator. They have the right way of thinking. If you take the higher spirits, they have contacted people on Earth and got through to them, to change their ways, because a lot of these religions and beliefs have only started in the last couple of 100 years. So, if you take a very advanced spirit, who wants to control, let’s say for example, the two of you, he would come down, and be able to get information through to you, he would teach you, show you, a religion, a way, that you could actually believe. If you believed for example, that the archangel was the right hand of God, he would show himself as the archangel. And once you believe that, you would then start spreading the word. Now, the word would go out, and it would start off with “I was contacted by the archangel, etc”. And then as it progressed and worked its way through different generations, more and more bits and pieces would be added, changed, adapted; as happens with any society that evolves. So, it ends up with a 200-year old religion, where it was the archangel Gabriel (as an example) who first started the ball rolling. It is very difficult to change that, because once that has happened, you cannot really go back and say ‘well, I am not an archangel, I am actually this or that’. So you can see the Dilemma there., now as we progress over here, and we go up to higher levels, we all have to learn how to deal with the people on earth, how to get information through to them in the best way possible. and with learning of course, you make mistakes. so, what they did in the beginning, is this example of archangel Gabriel, is to do what they thought was the right thing to do, but then they saw the outcome and realised that this needed to be changed. So, to change that, what they do is find the next person on a different level who doesn’t quite believe what is going on, and they get through to them, and say to them for example, that it is not the archangel Gabriel, it is merely a higher spirit. And they will then break away and start their own religion.  So, where You get these people creating religions, most of the time it is with the good of the evolvement of humanity. Occasionally, you come across somebody who is egotistical, and they begin to take advantage, and then things start to adapt and change again. So, All the time and all the way along these things are changing. So, there is no perfect religion. What you have learnt so far is ideal for you, but you have seen the ego and the jealousy that is out there, in amongst the spiritual people. There is nothing you can do about that. It will continue to progress.

S: And that is with every religion

G: Every religion, but as time goes on, generations pass  and people learn more and more; you will find that all the religions; some will start to die away and become less and less and less, until you just have a handful of religions. And that handful, will be thinking basically the right way.  But as you know you need a positive and a negative, so that you get the balance which everybody needs to progress.

S: So, basically at the end of the day there is actually no religion. It is nothing, it is simply a man-made creation of a belief system, in order to ‘control’ – sometimes to bring balance and peace and sometimes due to ego.

G: That is quite correct. Religions are all man-made.

S: Every single thing is a thought system, which creates a belief. So you follow the belief, you believe it, you share it, you make it stronger, you give it more energy, and more follow.

G: Yes, now I think of it from our point of view, we have a new generation being born, there will be a million people born this year, we need to send down one or two people who will change, adapt, correct. So all this has been going on for thousands of years, as man evolves. So, because you have free will, this is all we can do. We can only send down the souls that have the ability to change at a later stage in life. We don’t know that they will change, because if you take a very advanced soul, they should have learnt, and will be able to go through that lesson and create what we want them to create. But again, free will can change things. Circumstances in the different religions, the different wars that you have on Earth, and so on, can also change things. So it is a matter of rivers flowing and they are going past rocks, but they continue to flow.

Now, when you look back on major religions, such as the Inca’s, the Mayans, etc;  they were off shoots that developed in separate countries, where there was no or very little adaption change. So there were very few off shoots. There were a few along the way, but they had a very solid base. When they started to get too many, too many changes, and they started to go off track, then of course civilization allowed them to disappear. to put it kindly. So, they were wiped out for some reason. Now, when you get something like that happening, it is not a major catastrophe, it is a creation that went slightly wrong, so they are all recalled. They all come back to our side and they are all happy, they all learnt and we all progressed. Now we look back, this generation looks back on them, and they see, interpret, all there is to be seen. They don’t see the overall picture, they start to piece it together thinking they have the overall picture, but in most, or a lot of cases, they don’t. It was simply an exercise that went wrong.

On the other hand, you will have advanced cultures from different planets, from different dimensions, who will come to start here, to try and see if they can create a far better race of people, with the right thinking. Because with the planets that they come from, they don’t have a human race, as you know it, they may be taller or shorter, live in hotter or colder climates, think different ways, have different emotions, there are a thousand different possibilities, where they have been growing in their particular planets. So, to come here, and try and put their way of thinking into the people on this planet, sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. But, until you experiment and try, you don’t know. So, these people are also evolving but obviously at a much higher level. Now you can see the size of the structure that we are dealing with. It is not just one planet, it is millions of planets and millions of possibilities; and everybody is learning and growing along the way.

What we are going to give you now, is….You have a better understanding now of how the whole planetary system works; all the different dimensions, the structures, and so on. We are going to give you an energy which will open up just a little bit more. You are already sensing nature, people around you and so on.  We are now going to give you a bit of energy so you can start to sense into different dimensions. It is a better way for us to make contact, and for you to receive information, so that you don’t have to tune in every time. You will get this understanding and accept instant information. You will have a natural understanding of how this, that and the other works. (Rocky is barking), look at the energy of the barking dog and the energy all around it. 

S: I can feel all the energies and they are beautiful. I feel like I am about 10 km wide right now.

What we are doing is opening your senses, more and more. Now, you can see the dog has limited senses, it has one problem in its own little world and that is because all it can see is you

S: And it will focus on that.

Correct, and the parents will focus on the dog to keep it quiet. Two totally different Worlds.

I leave you now with a message from your mother, big kiss (Mwah)


S: That energy was just so beautiful

G: Well, when you reach heights like that, you don’t need the energy of hate, jealousy, ego. You understood all that and you put it to one side and that creates a much better Living Space. it is a very primitive energy, if you think about it. if you think about how they work and all the love they give and create and all their helping, and so on.



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