Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

953 March 22 Religions changing & falling away

G: Ok, we are going to go back to religions. What they are showing me is the spirit on the other side massing in groups ready to go to war, for this change. And although they have one sort of belief on the other side, the spirits that are massing are a group of Muslims spirits, Christian spirits and born-again spirits, and so on. And the reason they take on these entities of course, it’s so that they can get through to the right sort of people. what is going to happen during this enormous change, is that one group will overflow into another group. so, if you take just for an example, the Christians will come and send energy through the Christians and it will overflow into some Muslims and some born-agains and some others. and depending on the speed of what happens in different countries will depend on which of these religions becomes the strongest in the end. not so much the strongest, what will happen is the weakest will fall away. because this is going to be such a monumental event, people will suddenly wake up and see that there really is a God, there really is something there and then they will start to question their religions. and as they do that, so things will sit well with them and they will understand them and other things will be just the opposite and they will change over and they will go for more understanding of how the whole thing works. And this is where these groups of spirit will start to put energy in, to change people’s Minds, to move them in the right direction. for example.


Now a lot of the religions teachings have gone to the extreme. Teachings have been put in which are not a part of God’s way.  These have to be eradicated, so that is another reason why the religions will spill over into one another. As normal, it is going to take a long time to happen, a few generations. but it will start to move in a different Direction. at the moment you have the Muslims taking over from the Christians but that is only two of the religions, there are hundreds of religions and other beliefs. but what we would like to go back to, is a natural understanding of life, of nature, how the whole system works, and then you will find there is no real need for religions. religions are all man-made but people have to believe in something, they have to believe in some strong power, some entity, some energy. and of course  everybody believes that there is a creator of some sort, although a lot of them see it as a different source. But they all believe and one creator, one source. so as the Generations go on, less and less religions will flourish and more people will have the true understanding of spiritual life and how  life actually works on both sides.

S: Yes, people tend to always needs to have someone greater than themselves to look up to

G: Yes that is very true, very true.

Now I’ve got a totem pole here, and it is made up of various heads.  What the heads are is Chiefs in the past, who have become Gods if you like. Like Mandela for example would be a God and his head would be up there. it’s a totem pole of respect. The red Indians talk to their ancestors etc, and that is their trigger and their way of doing it. they are brought up to believe that they can talk to their ancestors and the totem pole is the tribal symbol and what it is actually is a memory rod of what has happened in the past, in the tribe. And every time they worship, pray to it, use it, it creates more energy, and that makes the connection to spirit a lot higher. when they start they have their elders, who connect to the spirit, their ancestors, and they look at them with awe. And as they grow older, they realise that they can do the same thing. So the elders do the guidance and have the most wisdom. When you get to an older age, there is less chance of you wanting to dominate or change, no ego and so on, because you have more understanding. That is why, in a lot of societies, the Grandparents or will look after and bring up the grandchildren.

S:Yes and they have more patience and kindness.

Yes, they do.

-Now we are going down to a more day-to-day level. We were talking about the overall picture with these groups of spirits coming down, sending huge group energies etc. now we are going down to basically working one-on-one with the people. Let’s see how that is going to change. they are saying it is like coats of paint, little by little by little and as you were saying the other day, it’s the way you talk to people. If you just talk a little bit nicer to people, that passes on to another and another and another. and so it goes on, and overtime everybody starts to talk nicer and better, and kinder. And that starts to change things.

S: That kind of fits in with what I was getting just now with all the energies flying around all over the place and I was getting how menial it is. It’s tiny. But look at how powerful it is, of one person building up energy, and building up a wall against a person, even if it’s their own daughter, and the energies that are flying around and that family, and the energy benefits other families, and the energy built up, and there is so much energy around here (we are now staying at the B&B) I could feel it before the meditation, and if that is just energy which is purely thoughts and it’s feeling this whole energy space. it shows how valuable our thoughts and words and everything to make an impact. so all these little menial thoughts and words can make an impact of energy like this and how it spreads and impacts everyone around.  How meaningful our thoughts words and actions and the impacts that they will have.

G: That is a very good example, if you look at Joanne and her negativity towards her daughter, and the negativity becomes a hatred, and the hatred overflows into negative energy going out to a lot of other things and other people, complaining about everything and that builds up energy and in a house like theirs where there is action all the time, this negative energy starts to build up. so when you come along, and you come along with the brighter energy, just by speaking a little bit nicer, it starts to change that energy and that changes other people and then it starts to get better and better. it’s a very good example of how it is going to work on the ground level.

Now, you were told that you would be connecting to the right sort of people, and that has started to happen, and you will also see the negative people, which you will now see a lot clearer, and you can now totally ignore, because they are of no importance to you. But with meeting the right sort of people, what you are doing is you are giving out a nice vibe a nicer energy and this again starts to spread. All the sorts of people that you are going to meet, a little bit nicer energy going out all the time, starts to spread, and the same thing happens with them. and that is why the thing with the lotus flower, and spreading the word is so important because that is exactly how it is going to work. You get some people to attract the same sort of people with the same energy, so you can start to expand and create a huge group energy, which you can use.

Now if you look at Nature, exactly the same thing happens. where you have a garden, and for example if everybody is shouting at each other, the nature will actually feel that. Nature is used to dealing with all sorts of abuse; turning negative energy into positive etc. But then you get the opposite happening, where you get a very happy environment and nature enjoys that happy environment. It’s a positive Energy to them, it’s a growing energy. and therefore it improves the whole garden. As you know you can talk to plants and they will flourish more. So it is the same thing with energy and nature. As the world starts to change, so nature will start to change and improve and evolve. Don’t forget that all the energies are flowing through nature as well. The whole thing is one huge group of energy which is slowly going to change from a dark to a light.

Now we can have a quick look at animals. Information and memories from animals passed on from one to another, it’s in their genes, they pick up this understanding of living, and as we mentioned the other day about flights of birds, that information passes on. There is so much fear. The majority of animals are ok, but it’s on the outskirts, the 10%, like the rhinos getting shot, lions being hunted, and so on. Fear is generated there and that is the part of the negative that they need to understand. But what will happen is as it gets passed on from one generation to another; so where you get a much more loving environment and a much more amicable nature and a happier energy, so this will start to fade away. There will always be that fear because that is built into them, that is  for instant understanding of predator and so on. But the overall animal life will become much more sociable and approachable and so on. If you think of Easter Island where they have never been in contact with humans and there are no predators as such, when the animals meet humans, there is interaction straight away and there is no fear, because they have never had fear from humans. If it were to happen over the next few generations suddenly, then all the animals would have a fear of humans because it is passed on in their DNA. Now change that to the opposite, and you can see how the interaction with animals and nature is so much better. Now, do you think cows would produce better milk if that were the case?

S: Absolutely, everything would be better. Even the water would be clearer and would be better.

Absolutely, yes. It would indeed. Now, a big thing you have on your planet, is the pollution aspect and this has got way out of hand, Way more than it should be. Lessons should have been learnt by now, but because of the greed, power and wealth, they have been able to override the rules and regulations. But the people themselves, have an understanding that the pollution, plastics, and so on shouldn’t be there. The media is waking people up, but in general people are thinking ”well that doesn’t affect me too much, so we will just leave it”. But again, with the change, people will have a better understanding of how everything works, they will be much more aware of pollution and endangering the planet.  understanding more.  so that will help the pollution aspect.  and again it is going to take several generations to go through, and once it is gone through, then we can get back to normal with nature, living, etc. Now these episodes, what is happening in your world, has happened before several times before, on different levels. And they have reached an extreme and they change and they adapt and evolve and so on. Now this is just another major change.  and if you look at the generations into the future, the same thing is going to happen, you’re going to reach a peak of being happy, understanding, calmness, peace, etc. It’s going to go back into just the opposite. And hopefully, with the evolved spirits that come down then, more will have learnt and progressed and it continues to grow upwards.  You will always see these opposites.

So now if you consider what you have learnt so far about the general picture, we go back and look at the planets and all the energies and then you look at space and the other planets and all their energies and then you look at all the different dimensions and all the different religions and you have this huge mixture.

S: It’s a massive concoction of energy.

It is good for you to have an understanding of the whole thing but you are living in the now and that is what is important.. And you will enjoy the now, and you will progress in the now, and you will evolve and you will carry on.

That will do for tonight. And goodnight.

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