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The World is out of balance

The World is well out of
Weather: Nature creates a comfortable balance of the elements. It also constantly re-cycles negative energy back to positive. When nature gets out of whack you get drought (Europe) and the opposite floods (New Zealand)
Ukraine: We have allowed one man’s ego to create the deaths of 20 000, 30 000 or 40 000 people, push millions of people closer to a food shortage, raise prices across the globe, and push the World closer to a recession.
The China Communist party which controls everything in China, has spent the last few years creating a false real estate economy, and is about to see the results of its actions. Sales are dropping, Investors will take a beating and the man in the street will suffer.
Countries at war: Currently there are wars and conflicts in 143 Countries. Less than 50 are stable.
The Media in general creates exaggerated stories to generate profit. A large portion of them sway the people’s choice of Governments and political parties. Once again a small group of people can influence and even control the majority.
World economy: I think we can all see where we are headed. Recession is starting around the World. This will be followed by a loss of jobs, large companies crashing, shortages of food and basic necessities, wars, and a huge loss of life.
What’s next: We have allowed people or small groups to dominate us. We have watched these events unfold. We have to learn through our mistakes and decide how we will now move forward.
We all learn so that we can evolve and progress.
There is enough in this world for everyone

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