Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This meditation will show you what extreme it was like a few centuries ago.

In this meditation we astral travel back in time with a guide called Ishmael who is channeling through Miriam.

Geoff:     I’m going through some arches now. There’s a very wide road made out of large cobbles – large cobble stones – the walls on the left and right are maybe twenty feet high made out of the same material. In

front of me is an archway with a red tiled roof and there are three pillars in the middle of the road with this red archway roof above it. It’s somewhere in the East of China….

Miriam(Ishmael)     It is.

Geoff:     ….and as I get through there is somebody already waiting to talk to me. We continue walking – he’s on my right and he’s wearing some form of red hat. We’re at the entrance – the archway is an entrance to a sacred area or religious area. It’s a bit like a Japanese garden but this is Chinese. There is a small temple with these beautiful gardens outside. It’s very delicate and outside these beautiful gardens there are a lot of rock pools with goldfish in, and I sit on one rock and my friend sits on another, which is slightly higher than me. I can see his face, which is very rounded – certainly not typically Chinese. I think he was probably born in some other place and he went to China when he was very young or his parents were – one was Chinese, one was another……. but that’s not important. Now, a lot of the culture is Japanese such as the garden, what he is wearing which is like a multicoloured kimono…. and he also has a samurai sword. Now, many centuries ago Japanese invaded Northern China…..

Miriam(Ishmael)     That is so.

Geoff:     …..and this is why he is not typically Chinese. He’s had a Samurai upbringing or the family that he belonged to has a long history of Samurai of that status, and he has stayed in this area of China and he guards various things inside this temple, we’ll call it, – this building. Before we go in what he guards has a lot to do with honour, thought, agreements, promises, more than anything else because in those days they were more important.

Miriam(Ishmael)     That is right – your word was your bond.

Geoff:     Yes.

Miriam(Ishmael)     What a pity that does not apply today.

Geoff:     Yes, very true. Now, we’ll go inside and as we do so there is a ritual in a way. He takes off his sword and leaves it outside on a shelf at the bottom of all these pillars because inside the word is so strong that it will never come to blows or the use of a sword. It’s not needed so, therefore, it is not taken in. We remove our shoes and I am also wearing Samurai dress. We move inside these reddish coloured wooden doors – open doors – and inside there is a small – , it’s a room about – the whole room is about the size of this house but it is four definite corners. If you made a cross – one stroke going from top to bottom and one from left to right, that is your four rooms, that is how they are shaped. Hanging all around on each wall are various gold chains all shapes and sizes and they all have a certain value. Hanging from some of these chains are very small scrolls about as big as one finger where a contract or promise was written and rolled up and folded and then hung on the wall. The chains belong to the person or the family. Several family members may hang their promises on one chain, and the chains determined the wealth of the Samurai family.

Miriam(Ishmael)     Much better than your banks.

Geoff:     These families each paid small amounts when necessary for the upkeep of these rooms and others like them and it was a very acceptable way of life. The keeper of these rooms would guard them with his life and he also guarded and knew many of the secrets because the Samurai would come to him and to unburden themselves of something on their conscious or give the information to a third party if anything should happen to them. This keeper used to act as a sort of lawyer.

Miriam(Ishmael)     A very wise man.

Geoff:     Now, the honour that these families had would leave an energy in these rooms – an energy comprised of honour and when a Samurai would enter he would unknowingly feel this vibration of honour, trust, justice etc. and it would coat his mind and make his belief in those things that little bit stronger and every visit made him a slightly better person.

Miriam(Ishmael)     Do you think that there was more than one – do you think they changed after a certain period or was it a lifetime situation?

Geoff:     There are many of these places, the same as we have churches in all areas. There were not so many of these but they were there for the use of noblemen and Samurai. There was always one which was the family one – the head office for them and they could use others wherever they were.

Miriam(Ishmael)     That is so.

Geoff:     Now my guide is taking me to the edge of these premises where there is a low wall and it looks on to beautiful green fields which goes down on to a valley. I’m not sure yet for what purpose. I’m sitting on a wall with this building behind me. The building set in the garden behind me. Behind that there is a forest, mountains and so on. In front of me are these beautiful green fields which are – they’re almost perfect. In some way beautiful energy is created because of the harmony and strong beliefs of all the Samurai coming into this one building over a long period of time and also energy is created within the building. There is an excess of this energy, which the keeper moves out of the building and pushes out into the fields……

Miriam(Ishmael)     Yes

Geoff:     ….going down in the valley so the energy can be used for beauty . It is controlled by divas in the area and they work very closely with the keeper.

Miriam(Ishmael) )     That is so.

Geoff:     He merely gives them the energy and he is very pleased that we came to visit and very pleased that we understand his lifestyle and the lifestyle of the people in that era.

Miriam(Ishmael)   Yes.

Geoff:     Respect was very important and although there were other sides to the Japanese life which were not so good which he has learnt since – the cruelness, the domination and so on but as with all, we must learn.

Miriam(Ishmael)     Quite true but there are many situations where there are keepers of different places and things, they welcome visitors and you will travel and meet many more.




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