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NYLON DRESS BURNT ON TO ARM    By SpiritualDictionary.com

Verna – I get a young girl with a burnt arm, she has got a very pretty nylon dress on and pony tails, she was at a birthday party, in fact I think it was her birthday party. Miriam (John) – And the dress has melted. Verna – Only on to the arm and all we have to do is try and lift this material off. Miriam (John) – Yes, a very delicate thing to do, if you can do that, not easy, and maybe the best thing will be is if you can imagine it unravelling at the ends and drawing it out a few threads at a time, so that they are drawn along the arm and not lifted up. And at the same time Geoff can put his hands over the arm and send down the healing energy that will, well not heal completely, for we don’t want that to happen, but to take out as much of the heat as you can. Verna – Why do I get that she is going to lose her arm? Miriam (John) – Not with this, later on she is going to do some damage, and you have seen the future of that, but with this – no. Geoff – I am seeing that I must make it ice cold. Miriam (John) – That is it, the same as if you were actually there and pouring water or ice onto it. And Verna is drawing out the threads now very nicely, it will not be so difficult, and I have just found out that she is going to have an accident later on that will means she will lose that arm, but not for some time to come. That is much better, pulling the threads out like that, than trying to lift the whole thing, so many tragedies are caused by these man-made fibers, but I think most governments now are beginning to realize and they are introducing more safety measures, but unfortunately not so much with clothing as with bedding and furniture. That is very good, they are taking her away, and she had a lot of young friends waiting there. Verna – It definitely was her birthday party, and I think it was the candle, she leant over the cake, they are showing me, and the candle flame touched the sleeve, and caught alight

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