Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – I now have a body of a woman who is heavily pregnant on a stretcher, she is being carried by natives, through some form of bush or jungle. She has her head bandaged and she is in danger of losing the child. She knows that she is going to die and she asks for our help to deliver the child and care for it, with no thought for herself. She will pass over in a moment, and the men that are carrying her will realize that she is dead, and they will deliver the baby by a very primitive method, which is the only way they have been taught, and that is to slit the woman from the groin up to the navel and take out the child. Her name is Katherine and a stretcher has been set down in a clearing and we are explaining or confirming to Katherine that she can now pass over and we will look after the child. She is an advanced spirit and has been recalled for some reason. She will move to her head, the spiritual body will leave the physical and stand by the head, and watch the delivery of her child. The four men who were carrying the stretcher are now deciding what must be done, and the eldest has told the others that he will cut this young woman and deliver the child, he cuts away the clothes quickly and finds a herb to rub on the tip of a very primitive spear. He inserts the tip of the spear just below the navel and draws it right down to the groin. He can see the womb, and carefully inserts the tip of the spear again and draws down a second time opening everything into full view, he reaches inside and removes the child, and with their hands they start to remove the mucus from the child’s body, the cord is cut between the child and the afterbirth, which one guy holds because he doesn’t know what to do, and they shake and smack the child, who cries and breathes, and Verna you must clear the mucus from the nose, throat and the eyes, using your mind. Verna – The spiritual mother is very close to the child, and the child isn’t as stressed because it is so close to spirit still that it can feel its mother and it is stopping the stress from the child. Geoff – Two of these men will go back with the child as quick as they can to the village where the women will look after the child, while the other two return with the body of the woman. Verna – But the mother spirit stays with the child for a while. Geoff – Yes, she gives her thanks and moves away with the child, said her name is not Katherine it is Kathleen, and she will look after the child and she leaves us. Verna – She is very happy. Geoff – The child will be fine. The two that are carrying the body back have never experienced anything like this before, and they rush back to the village, because they are a bit scared or whatever. It is safe to leave now and the child will be fine. And we can continue with the next one.

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