Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff – I am now in another futuristic city, which is made up completely of light.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Isn’t it beautiful?

Geoff – Hmm, but the light has different degrees of thickness, now let me try and explain that, if you are in a dark room and you shine a torch you get a nice clear beam, if you shine a torch up into the sky at night the beam is a little bit cloudy, and if you shine it into a fog it is cloudier still, now these colors are made up of lights which are all clear, but at the same time have a thickness such as fog does, so these thin and thick lights have a variety of different colors, the main ones that I am picking up at the moment are blues and blacks and the colors change all the time with emotion, vibration, speech and so on.

As you put oil or petrol on water you see all the different colors move out in different directions and change and this is what I can see going on in this village, this town, it is all minds and all the minds can link where necessary. There are no individual people or beings, if I was in this town as a color I would exist without any physical being composed only of energy and colors. I would be able to see quite clearly, yet I don’t have any eyes, I exist only in an energy form.

Now being able to link to other people is merely connecting, and the light is made up of millions of molecules, let’s call them grains of sand along the beach, if I wanted to communicate to somebody at the other end of the beach, a thousand miles away, all these little molecules would link up, one little string would for instance all turn blue in a fraction of a second, and I would have a link to the other end, so I can link to any person, and also with the colors link to different levels of emotion, learning, memories, discussion whatever is needed. This particular one is around seven thousand years in the future.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Oh yes, seven and more.

Geoff – I think it is seventy thousand years.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes that is more like it.

Geoff – Wow, now what has been totally eradicated from this society because of all the learning it has gone through, are your basic earthly feelings, such as jealousy, greed, anger, envy because it has all become understandable, once it is totally understood, it is therefore not needed anymore. As with black and white you need the two extremes, you cannot see black without having white and vice versa, or you cannot understand black without having white, but once you have seen and understood fully black and white you no longer need those two and they are discarded, so all the earthly things as we know them now virtually everything that we know will be discarded as obsolete.

I cannot see, I am not allowed to see what these living beings or whatever, minds do, it is too far beyond my comprehension, but I am being shown as a special gift or whatever for this evening.

Miriam (Ishmael) – It certainly is a special one, much, much more advanced than what we had anticipated giving you as yet, but we know that you understand.

Geoff – Right, now there is one very special thing here, a couple of weeks ago I went to a mountain where there was a crevasse and there were some colors on the left which was very loving, motherly feelings coming from it, now I have just communicated for a brief second with this actual village, now because they are so far advanced they have to change and lower their vibrations and go back to a primitive way of thinking to be able to connect with me, I am so far behind, and they have done that for a fraction of a second and given me a burst of energy which is pure love.

And it was the same love as I felt in this mountain, and in that fraction of a second I felt the love, the humor, the happiness, the excitement, the giving, the teaching, all these beautiful things all in a fraction of a second!

Miriam (Ishmael) – And one cannot describe them.

Geoff – No, and yet they lowered themselves so much just to give me this very primitive form, primitive for them but so advanced for me. And it is the nearest connection that can be made, and the link is totally shut off now.

Miriam (Ishmael) – A very rare privilege.

Geoff – Hmm too beautiful, to feel that emotion, even though it was a fraction of a second, it was too beautiful.

Miriam (Ishmael) – It is wonderful.

Geoff – Now what that process also did, was it left me with a piece of energy the size of a grain of sand in the 70 000 years hence, and as I brought it back to this time it has grown which I can understand, but I cannot explain. It now totally surrounds me and has been absorbed into my mental and spiritual body, and this is done for connecting in the future. So I have a super link to connect up to future spirit teachers and to do with the healing that I will be doing in this life and in many future lives.

Miriam (Ishmael) – That is so.

Geoff – And that also is very rare gift.

Miriam (Ishmael) – It is a tremendous gift that you have been given, but they must think that you are worth it, mind looking at you I don’t know that I agree because you are still not looking after yourself but somebody else must think that it is worth it, but who am I to deny that?

Geoff – Now the main use of this link that I have been given, this connection, is that there are many, many memories that are now inside my aura, that I do not know how to use and when in the future I call for help to heal a specific situation, and I do not know how to do it, this is like a quick link, one of these memories will come forward and because it has been activated it will automatically link me into a higher form of spirit who understands it. So the healing process is almost instantaneous, the information I am given is instantaneous.

Miriam (Ishmael) – And any particular teacher will know exactly which one it is.

Geoff – Yes, I have also just been shown, it is like receiving a greeting or a confirmation from each one and each one is a pin prick in the distance and this ripple of information came across to me, which I know is from many thousands of spirit teachers.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Many, many, many.

Geoff – Many thousands, I have just felt it all come at once, and this is the connection that I will have and use in the future. That is quite staggering. I can accept it, it is brilliant. I am getting a picture in front of me of Jesus Christ, and it is here but I know it is far away, it is an image that he is creating in front of me because it is an image that the eye can see.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Not what you expected.

Geoff – That’s all I am going to get, what it was, is confirmation that’s all, basically he came along for a fraction of a second.

Miriam (Ishmael) – So many different things to be absorbed in your aura. So much to make you wonder.

Geoff – I have just asked when I am going to be able to start to use these experiences to start healing, and they said not yet, I must be given more information to make it more solid, they are going to fill in all the gaps, and once the aura is complete only then can I start to teach. Now I always assumed that I would start with simple things like curing headaches, and eventually cure more serious ailments.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Oh no, no, no. That can be done be many of the healing instruments that are already in and around you.

Geoff – Hmm, it is a matter of giving me, you could say total knowledge for this particular life on earth, and once that total knowledge is complete, I will then start immediately to put it into practice. It is a bit like learning to be a doctor, after your seven years of practice then you go out and become a doctor.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes, that is more like it, and you get beyond bandaging the cut finger and the grazed knee.

Geoff – Now what I will be doing is not so much of what I anticipated of healing broken legs and curing cancer and that sort of thing, it is using the mind.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Not just a bit, it is much more complicated.

Geoff – But this is why my mind has been given such a hard time on earth so far, the stresses that I have been through and the worries and the drama and so on are merely a bit of practice so that when I use it in the future, the teachers are assured that my mind will not break down under that particular pressure. Well that answers a lot of questions.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Much more complicated, much more appreciated.

Geoff – But now I can see a clearer picture of what I will be doing. And it also explains why in the last few years my mind has been changing. Something which I find very easy to understand, other people find it very difficult to understand, and in the beginning I thought it was the way I put it across. But that is right, my mind has been changing over the last three years.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Oh yes it has indeed. But when anything is wanted for such a higher degree then it must be very, very thorough, and not hurried.

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