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959 April 2022 Evolving at different levels in different forms

G: Ok, let’s see who wants to come and chat or see what we are going to do.

Ok, I think I know what they want to talk about. One of the questions I asked a couple of days ago was about all these different aliens, the Arcturians, etc. etc. Because in the spiritual groups there are all sorts of names, there’s photographs and there’s this that and the other and they all sound a bit far-fetched a bit like Captain Kirk etc. And what I got first of all was I got a lot of aliens, way in the background but they are all dark. So I can’t see any faces and I can’t recognize any of them. And then in the front, I got something like a senate where you’ve got all these 100’s of seats and then you get the bench where the judges are and so on, upfront, a bit like the high court. Or something along those lines. And then they started to say “well, we find it difficult or I’m finding it difficult to believe that there are all these funny races out there and yet, I’ve experienced channeling many aliens, going right back 30 odd years ago up to just a couple of days ago. When one came through and channeled very clearly and there are no doubts or if’s or but’s. That was 100% correct. So I know that there are aliens out there, so why can’t there be all these different races out there? And the obvious answer is “yes, they can’. They can be there. And then I saw, we were talking about communication the other day, and all these different solar systems and planets and everything, connected with pathways and energies going backwards and forwards. And so it makes sense that it is entirely possible that more advanced races can be coming to us, can be talking through people and so on. And of course people aren’t going to accept it because they are aliens, it’s too far-fetched. Until it’s sort of printed in a newspaper, they will not accept it.

S: yes.

It is the same when “conversations with God’ was written. Nobody, or a few, accepted that.

S: yes.

But that’s just the way the world is. Now, it makes sense that if there are all these different races, looking to help the Earth and if they are more advanced than we are, then there must be some form of structure. A bit like NATO and Europe. Where they have quite possibly a council of intergalactic travelers, warriors or whatever. So they can start looking at Earth, the same way as we would another country for example. And if you take just what we know about spiritual people on the other side, advanced spirit going to the other side, we know that they are capable of all sorts of different things.

S: Yes.

And they have a management structure, just for Earth, which goes all the way up to God. But then you think of our structure that we know of on the other side, the spiritual structure above the physical level. We now have a mental level and the other day we went much much higher up that mental level. And at that level there, we are quite capable of going to different planets. And teaching them and helping them and so on. And I also know that I have been over to the other side and I have taught a group of long necked aliens, as they were called at the time, on a different planet. So I know they do exist. So the question is where do we fit into all of this, because we now seem very insignificant compared to all these more experienced alien travelers out there. Now I know that when we were told, we were going to do this blue lotus thing where we tell a few people and they extend it to other people and gently we get the information out there. And I don’t want to be, the sort of #1, I’m quite happy to be amongst lots of other people doing the same thing. I don’t need any sort of recognition, as such. But I find it frustrating in a way, that other groups already have thousands of followers, for what I would consider to be the weirdest things. You know, leaders of the galaxy, Captain Kirk, these sort of people. Now thousands of followers, when you read what’s printed on the groups, it is just so far-fetched compared to what we know. I was reading one this morning, I was actually watching a video, and he was saying “our warriors have spent the last 10 years going to different planets, fighting the evil. Straight away I know it was total bull. And people are following those out there. So, it just needs to get purer. I need to understand these people a little bit more.

S: It’s just the balance that’s required. So, they are literally seeking the negative, so that they can ‘fight’ it, so that they can prove to ‘their people’ that I’m good. So it’s ego, there’s a touch to that, completely, it’s not authentic, it’s ego and it’s the balance that is required. Between what is, and what is ego. In the spiritual world as well. Completely.

G: yes. Mmm, I know there is so much jealousy out there and all sorts. And that’s one thing you shouldn’t have in a spiritual world. So..

S: But, we will attract the right people.

G: I was just thinking that, like attracts like.

S: With the right words. The words are going to be what attracts the right people. If we are going to put it out there.

 G: Yes. And sincerity and honesty.

S: Yes. And the aliens as well, are coming down to learn from us. Like the aliens the other day. They choose, they don’t choose the negative, they choose the positive, because they are of a higher realm, and they come and learn from us and through us and they carry on. And they take that information, learn from it and upgrade. But they know not to choose the negative because it is not going to contribute to them. So they choose that and they still learn and grow from us. So they still learn the negative and positive and how this works and what works and what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s good, what’s bad, etc. And they still come down and learn from us. I’m sure we teach many and they connect with us and teach us so much as well. So it’s like a contribution of energy.

G: We saw the other day, there are so many different ways of evolving. There are those that leave out a couple of emotions and just see how a planet grows from that for a million years or so. And when you think of the billions and trillions of planets out there, all the people learning and growing and so on, in different directions. There is an awful lot of information.

S: So if one doesn’t have emotions, will they learn emotions from other planets/people? Or do they have it intact? There are all sorts of things, if they don’t have this, do they learn it from others? Or do they not have that because they don’t need that? And they’ve advanced from that.

G: Well, let me give you something else, if you have your higher self up there, your higher self can send down a lot of different people, into different worlds, to have different experiences. So if on one planet, let’s say all the higher selves, just a thought, do they all get together and form one much higher self, overseeing a planet, where all the information is together.

S: Or you can be there, there and here, so yes.

G: That’s right. Even more dimensions and possibilities, lol. But again, way beyond where we are at the moment. That is something that we needn’t consider at the moment. But when we look at what we have got, and this is one thing they are sort of explaining at the moment. If you read the posts from all these other groups, it’s all a matter of their,, it’s all a matter of sayings and repetitions and so on, there is no learning, there’s no evolving.

S: yes.

G: Where what our site does is teaches people to evolve. That’s the main difference. That’s very interesting.

 S yes. That is it. Because they are trying to control and govern people. And it’s with ego. So there is no growth.

G: Yes, you are quite right. That’s interesting.

S: Shew. And there’s no competition on Planet Earth.



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