Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

705   Automating energies

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Okay, I’ve got a, it looks like a lift door here. A standard lift door, but either side, there are like white pillars. And it seems to be going back into time. So I’m just going through there. Okay, I’m in like a temple from a long time ago, and there’s lots of trading and bartering and so on, going on. And there’s lots of different energies and emotions there. Buying, selling, trading, bartering, and so on. Got taken for a ride. Got a good deal. All these different things.

S: All those emotions there.

G: So why are they showing us this huge temple with all these transactions?  Ok, because that goes on all over the world, all of the time. It’s not just in one place like this.

S: Yes. I was just going to say that.

G:  But we know that so why are they showing us. Okay, interesting question… all these emotions are being created all the time, non-stop, all over the world. Who sorts them out? And who does whatever with them? We know negativity goes into the rivers, into the sea, etc. Positivity can be used as good. It can go into storage to be used as good. Who sorts all these things out?

S: Nature and guides. Energies.

G: If you were a guide, what would you do?

You would automate it, wouldn’t you?

S: Yes.

G: So we can automate negative emotions into the rivers and oceans etc. That can be automated. So let’s look at all the different emotions and see how they get automated. Positive stuff that’s created can go to different places like mountains, rivers and so on, to be used at a later stage. To get a balance whenever it’s needed. What about an emotion like jealousy, what would that be?

S: A negative emotion.

G: Envy, would be negative. So all these negative emotions. let’s take jealousy for example, is it a negative that we have to get rid of or can it be put to use? What use could it be to have a whole catalogue of all the different types of jealousy and the outcomes or how that jealousy was created, etc. It would make sense, because if somebody wants to learn about jealousy, there’s a zillion different types or possibilities of jealousy that should be put into an area, where they can actually go in and through instant understanding, download and understand. So if you take Zed, that came from his planet the other day, that would be the ideal thing for him.

S: Yes, we outcast it simply because we know it’s negative, but it can be used for other use. Yes.

G: Yes, negative can be used for positive and vice versa.  So again, the other side, will automate as much as possible. You see, we are used to seeing Jesus on the cross and holier than thou and angels and so on and so on. We don’t think of highly evolved beings, which have tremendous IQ that can automate energies that we haven’t even thought of yet.

So that is how that would work on the other side. Now as we develop and as we go through mental stages, and we get to a stage like Zed was using the other day, where they start off at a much higher level than us, and they progress from there. So it can go on, like forever and a day. So it’s constantly, they are constantly evolving on the other side. So we come here, we do it practically ..

S: And we help them evolve.

G: Yes.

S: But on a practical level.

G: Yes, because if you get a much higher spirit. We know that your higher self for example, has sent you down to have this lesson. But it’s also sent you down to many other planets, different eras to have different lessons. Now when it reaches a certain stage of evolvement, when it’s had maybe 1000 lives. It can now send you to 20,30,50 different planets to gain more experience, because you’ve got that level of understanding. And then it brings in more information. An extension to that, is why bother sending you to another planet when you can simply tap into someone else’s brain and get instant understanding about what they’ve had and draw in that information. So suddenly your evolving is so much faster.

S: You getting like computers, you guys. Lol. Download information. Lol. Shew.

G: Remember I was telling you the other day, that I went 80 000 years into the future. And what I was seeing or what they were explaining, was thought is creation. We’ve got a physical form here, yet on the other side, we have an energy form. We can create what we think is physical, by thought is creation, on the other side. So, what Granny is feeling at the moment, if she wants to, is she can feel physical boundaries. She can sit in chairs, lie on beds, play golf and so on. What she can see is created as being physical. So, if you take what she is doing to create that physical, it’s simply using a portion of her mind. That portion of her mind is just a fraction of a piece of energy, which is somewhere. So, if you take now, the Earth for example, you could condense that into a grain of dust. And then you could take the whole Universe and create that into something the size of an egg cup. Or even a grain of dust. For it doesn’t have to exist at all, it can simply be thought and thought is no physical matter at all.

S: It’s just a creation

G: So everything could be creation.

S: Shew. That is just never ending. Put that in a sentence. Lol. Oh my God.

G: Well, you sent me a WhatsApp today about a new planet being born. And that’s 567 light years in the future. Now when you think the Earth… light will go around the Earth 7 times on one second, in a year it’s a ludicrous amount. 567 light years is just, you can’t imagine anything that size.

S: It just shows what’s happening out there.

G: Absolutely. Now what the space telescope was able to do, was photograph something 500 light years away, which means the picture that we got was 500 000 light years old. Because you have got to look at it the opposite way around. The image coming towards us is coming at the speed of light. But it takes 567 light years to get here. So once we see the actual image, it’s something that happened 567 light years ago.

S: It’s like photography way laid.

G: Yes, so that’s why they are trying to look deeper with the Hubble space station telescope and all that sort of thing, to try and understand how the big bang happened and so on. But when you are dealing with sizes like that, it’s just impossible.

S: That was a brain fry earlier.

G: Now don’t forget. We are only on this planet with things that we have created on this planet, for instance, there’s far more colours than we know of. There are far more senses, far more smells, far more different dimensions, there’s all sorts of things, which we haven’t even thought about yet.

S: Yeah.

G: So, we are far more primitive, compared to spirits several levels above us, many levels above us. Now, if that were the case, and the whole universe could fit into an egg cup, there could be several egg cups. Lol.

S: Omg.

G: Ok, stop there. Lol.

S: Yes please. Lol. 

G: Ok, let’s get back to Earth and see what’s going on. Lol

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