Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

708  April 2022 New Muslim leader and how religions will change

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: It’s a Muslim country, much like Dubai. There’s a little boy of about 6,7 or 8.  He is peeking out from behind a white house. It’s a Muslim area but he is a very advanced soul. He has come down to make some changes. He says the changes he has to make is in the Muslim community. What he has to do is make corrections to the Muslim community, to make it more palatable for western people to understand the strong beliefs of the Muslim people. And to allow the Muslim people a little bit of leeway so that they cannot so much deviate from the Koran, but to be able to add to it. He is going to become some sort of a leader or main character, in this particular area and community. And it’s his job to start introducing these changes. He will be working with people like us and various groups. We will be working much closer together in the future. And one of the abilities he has, to allow him to make this change, is that he is tapped into an energy which connects all of our groups together. So what we are doing, is allowing him to tap into our ‘western group’, so that he can see how western people feel about this change that is due in the Muslim community. If he weren’t allowed to do that and he had to do it on his own, he would then be open to a lot of guesswork and propaganda and exaggeration, and so on.  So he needs to see the absolute truth. That way, he can make the best decisions and make changes for everybody’s benefit.

Now I’ve gone to the other side, to a spiritual group. One that he could be working with. To see how they will feel or interact with this boy when he starts making decisions. It obviously works exactly the same in the opposite way. They want information as well because if they have the information, they can do exactly the same as he has. And that will help link up the two ‘religions’, the best way possible. All wars can only be finalised through negotiation, not through domination. In domination, the losing party is still aggrieved. And there for the war will continue. So negotiation is the only thing that can sort out wars and it’s exactly the same with religions. There has got to be an understanding that the two religions believe in each other or accept each other’s beliefs. That is the way it must be. But also, when they understand, when things become clearer, and they will become clearer through honesty, when people are allowed to say exactly what they feel, with no judgement; things will become a lot clearer. And religions will be far more understood. At the moment, religions, those in charge of each religion, tend to change their religion to look to control the people, each one does. And they control it more, which they think is for the benefit of the religion, so they will exaggerate the story a little bit to keep their community together. So, once this falls apart, once we have this new way of being completely open and honest, the religions will be seen for what they truly are. It will be like a scaling back, how fantastic a religion is, scaling back to basic honesty and they will be seen as being more honest and straight forward. And then, when we get this clarity, people are able to make better decisions, and that will create better and stronger religions. The smaller ones will disappear. The ones that have made errors can correct their errors. It’ll be the opposite of what has happened so far. You’ve got all these religions at the moment, where you’ve had a religion growing, you’ve had an offshoot starting from each religion, and several more offshoots and they grow into separate churches. The opposite will happen, where the offshoots will disappear because people will see if they are good or back, if they are good, they will stay, if they are bad, they will disappear.

It will shrink into just a handful of different religions. Which is what we want. Because again, we have to have the good, the bad, the balance. With honesty, people will accept that there are other religions, very comfortably. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about truth.

This Muslim boy wants to connect to you, Sharon. For a reason. He simply wants your permission to go through your memories, nothing personal, but because you are a woman. What he has been taught so far is nothing to do with women. That is again, because of their religion and what they think of women and that is one of the main barriers that they have. So he is asking for your permission and then he can understand from your point of view, not as a woman, but as an advanced spiritual soul who is a woman, and therefor he will have the understanding from you, of the best way to handle each situation.

S: Absolutely, yes.

S: Before we started, I got a strong energy up my back.

G: What do you think that is and what did it feel like?

S: Complete power and strength.

G: It’s your awareness opening up. You are being given more energy, more awareness, more filters for all these different things you are going to absorb in the future, because you can’t just jump into it, you have to learn a little bit at a time. If you do that it just gets wider and wider and bigger and bigger. Only then will you be able to handle what you will be going to handle in the future. So making this connection with this young Muslim boy, Khalid is his name, is just the beginning connection because you’ve made the connection now, he has downloaded your memories/information. But everything you experience in the future; he will automatically have access to. And that will be a tremendous help to him. But he is just one of many that you will be helping in the future. You have been told that you will be spreading, meeting the right sort of people and spreading information. You will be giving them beginnings of information which they will then spread onto others. So this connection with Khalid, you will have a lot of other connections, with both male and female and different countries, different denominations, different religions, which is all part of what you have chosen to do. And the awareness you have encompasses a whole range of colours, emotions, energies, dimensions. a huge range.  And you are able to handle this because it’s nothing too extreme. The majority is understanding life, … on one extreme you won’t be flying off on rockets to different planets, nothing extreme like that. You will be looking after humanity, people, animals, what needs changing now on this earth. Although you have abilities to do all the other things, you will be looking after the changes that are going to be happening on this earth right now, by talking to these groups of people, and sharing what information you have, what you have built up and the memories from your past will come in later as well. Your feminism, your understanding and awareness of people’s energies and what they need, what needs correcting, balancing and so on. And that is everything you are being taught at the moment. And that’s why your awareness right now, is so varied.  You are having all these different colours and energies coming in, that you can use right now, so you can imagine what it’s going to be in 3 years time. It’s going to be absolutely enormous. That these are all the connections that will be made. Everything about you being a woman is in you and you will have access to, and you will be one of the main information stations that other people can tap into, to help with this balance. That was from a lady, name is not important.

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