Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

711  April 2022 Rescue in the Durban floods of 2022

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown the first of 2 rescues

It looks like we are going to do a rescue today. There is a feeling of being buried alive, suffocated. It’s an overall feeling, it seems to be a lot of people. They seem to be stuck. The first one is in a corner. It’s a corner where there is water, and there would normally be beach. But the mud came down from the hill and opened it up and this person was trapped in it. They went so far down and got stuck in some big white stones. And the mud came on top of them and they just suffocated and died. The person who is here is a girl of 18/20. And she is just stuck. She will not move. I need to go in and get her out.

So I go in, look around ~ she is unsure what is happening, because when she died, she was suffocated in this mud, and she couldn’t move, not a fraction. It just compressed her, and she is screaming in terror and that is how she died. She can’t get away from that. And she can’t do anything else. It’s a horrible, horrible death. So, I have gone in there and I have put my arms around her and held her, and tried to get through to her, to slow down her terror and panic. She has seen me, and she is horribly confused. I am trying to explain to her.

S: The energy I got given this morning (a black pole like energy with wavy spokes all around it and it was rotating and rotating) – I am using it to move the energy all around her to help it dissipate. I can see it swirling around and around. And now I’ve put the calming energy into her.

G: She needs to move something, a toe, finger, anything, to let her know that more can move.  She is now wondering what is going on, as the terror has stopped but her mind is just scrambled. I am pulling her now, because she can move.  I am pulling and pulling. She knows she is being pulled and she feels like she is being rescued. She is out now. But her mind is so scrambled. There are lots of spirit here, covering her with energy, white light, putting clothes on her, trying to open her eyes and get her to calm down. They are putting energy down her spine, and just trying to get her to raise her vibrations just a little bit, so she can see them. Which she is starting to do now. She has seen them, and now she has gone from one extreme to the other. She is beyond tears and crying. She was at the ultimate in fear and now she is being rescued and she can’t handle this, it’s just way too much. She is literally just passing out and relaxing and just saying “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do”. And they are slowly taking her away.

G: I’ve never felt that energy before. You say you worked with black.

S: Yes, this morning I heard you recording at 4am (which I can’t hear from next door) and I got an image of this energy. It’s black, a pole and it’s got soft spirals, it rotates.  It can be used to shift energy when it needs to be shifted and moved from being stuck. When I got it, I wasn’t aware of what it was for, but was perfect for this process.

  And then I used the pink, calming lady down.  And I could work on her brain too, to calm that down.

G: The black is very good, as it is a negative energy, but very powerful. What you did, was you used it, against negative energy. Against her fear, which is negative, so you over-rode her fear. Once that was clear, she was open to see positive and change.

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