Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

712  April 2022 Mom and baby Rescue in the Durban floods of 2022

G: We have another one here, it’s a woman and she is calling me over. It’s in some rocks. It’s a baby that has died. It’s not in the rocks, not stuck. It was washed downstream, washed onto these rocks, but since has been washed out to sea. Normally with babies, they automatically cross over. The baby’s energy is still there. So I am going to try and get into her energy.  Normally with a baby, what spirit will do is create the love that a mother gives to a baby and that would attract it to move over. In this case what happened was the mother was also in the river and they both came down the river, but they were separated. The mother was washed out to sea. So what you’ve got, is two forms of anguish, The mother who is desperately trying to find the baby and the baby who is desperately trying to find the mother. They are giving off tremendous energy, as you can imagine. Looking for each other, so they are not listening to spirit. They have now since, got together and they have been rescued. What they wanted us to do, was to show us this particular scenario, as it is something we haven’t experienced before. And for some reason, around where the baby was on the rocks, there’s something else there, which we must look at and understand. It is ‘direction’. You have the mother being washed out to sea; the baby stuck on the rocks. And as the mother gets further and further out, the distance between the two is getting wider. Spirit came along, and they need to see, to join the two of them up. The baby, when it left the rocks, left an “image” there, to say it was going in this direction.  

So, the spirit came down to the baby, and the baby could sense where the mother was, being washed out. It’s like a new connection. The baby could basically say to the spirit that were rescuing, that “my mother is in that direction”. That’s how they connected the two of them.

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